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Blog 32.5 Patch 1.71 for Seraphic Blue English

EDIT: Patch 1.71 has been updated with another fix. For those who have download the patch prior to reading this edited message, please redownload the patch again.

Alternatively, to ensure that you have all the latest patches, do download from the link on the front page. Or you can click here: http://rpgmaker.net/users/eplipswich/locker/Seraphic_Blue_English_Patch_11to171.zip
Hi fans of Seraphic Blue!

This is just a minor patch that includes some more improvements to several texts, particularly the change from "Seraphic Feather" to "Angelic Embrace". Extract the files into the Seraphic Blue English folder:


And for those who missed previous patches, you can download them below:


And for those who have not downloaded the game as of this blog, you don't need to download any of the patches as the main game download has been updated with the latest patch :)

With that said, continue to have fun playing Seraphic Blue!