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Blog 32.75 Patch 1.75 For Seraphic Blue English

Hi fans of Seraphic Blue,

Okay, this patch is necessary because I discovered a game bug that exists in the original Japanese version (thanks to one of LunaticScreamer's videos). This bug is where the Disease negative status does not weaken Attack and Defense as it should. So I took the liberty of fixing this bug.

Also, in case you didn't see the updated blog last time, patch 1.75 also includes the updated files from patch 1.71 (namely the wrong name of one of Ende's abilities: Galatea's Oath should be Somber Destructive Breath. Galatea's Oath is the ability of another boss). Hence, download patch 1.75 below and extract the files into the Seraphic Blue English folder:


Previous patches have been compressed into one file and can be downloaded below as well in case you missed any:


And for those who have not downloaded the game as of this blog, you don't need to download any of the patches as the main game download has been updated with all patches, including the latest one :)

With this, I shouldn't have any more patches to upload (unless there are more glaring mistakes that I spot, I suppose?). So very sorry that there are so many patches to download. Thankfully, the patches are not too big, so it isn't too bad, I guess.

That being said, continue to have fun playing Seraphic Blue!