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Blog 41: Anime Opening/Ending-style Videos + Some Ramblings

Hi everyone!

Well, it has been a while since I've done a proper blog for Seraphic Blue, so first of all, just to let everyone know that Seraphic Blue isn't quite dead yet (as in my translation isn't done with this current version uploaded on this website). I don't think I've officially announced this yet, but the fact is that I will be translating Seraphic Blue Altered. But that will be after my current translation project. More details on this in the near future after I'm done with my current project, which could be sometime late this year or early next year). I'll see how everything goes.

More importantly for now, though, there's another reason why Seraphic Blue is not dead yet. And the reason is that even now, Seraphic Blue is still pretty popular in Japan. I checked through recent fan work created, and I found these videos (they're actually originally on Nicovideo, but I decided to share these on Youtube):

And the video below is a Seraphic Blue parody of an anime called Working, and this parody makes Seraphic Blue seem like a lighthearted game (when in reality, it isn't at all, so don't be fooled by this video!)

For more videos like this, you can go to NicoVideo and search for Seraphic Blue. You will need an account to watch the videos though (but it's not a problem since registration is easy; there's English language).

That being said, one thing I have to say is that this game isn't as well-received in the international community as I thought it would be. And I guess it's because of its intricate nature (I understand that this is not a game for everyone) and also its length, plus the fact that the beginning of the game takes effort to pass through. Those who aren't into stories are likely to find it tiring to play this game. But well, that may change once I start work on the Altered version.

I guess the point is, this is the game that I still feel most attached to in terms of game translation, not just because of how long I've spent just to translate this (4 years), but also because of how crazy I was to choose such a complicated game for my first translation project. But it's thanks to this game that my translation has improved greatly, giving me the motivation to churn out good translations for future games. So this game definitely has its roots for me :) As time goes by, I've begun to show more appreciation for this game's story, which is not something that is easily done until one actually plays the game at least midway through.

Okay, well, enough rambling now, I suppose. Anyway, the next time I post here, it'll probably be about the Seraphic Blue Altered version proper :) Till next time!



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Loving the last one, I am a huge fan of the Working! Series, so this was a great mash up. :D
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