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Blog 5: Not-so-good news and Good News

Heya, guys, time to update you guys with my translation progress. First, the not-so-good news. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish translating Chapter 2 by September. And I was intending to release something early (not end of the year).

Which is why the good news is, so as not to keep you fans waiting for too long, I will release Chapter 1 first, latest by September 1. The reason why I initially aim to release Chapter 1 and 2 together is because Chapter 2 is not as action-packed as Chapter 1, and is more story-oriented. But I figure I can't keep you guys waiting, so at least have a taste of Chapter 1 before I release Chapter 2.

So this is the good thing :). After which though, I will release Chapters 3 and 4 in one shot, meaning the full game. Chapter 3 is so much more epic than Chapter 4 (not saying Chapter 4 isn't, but is not as much intensive as Chapter 3) that releasing Chapter 3 followed by 4 wouldn't be much of a good idea, I think. But then again, I'll see how it goes. :)

Okay, enough talk. Here's another video that showcases me exploring around a city while talking to some NPCs and such. And also a random battle at the end :0. This video aims to showcase more of my translated dialogues and such. All these basic stuff, of course, can be seen in-game, and I could have done better, but it's just the structure to show players new and old the whole feel of the game.

If you guys approve to me releasing Chapter 1 first before Chapter 2 rather than both at once, give me a holler :) Also, Chapter 1 has 9 episodes, so combined with the Prologue, a total of 12 episodes + introduction and possibly 9-12 hours of gameplay.

With that said, I figure I should start updating my game page to include all manuals and such. They'll start coming soon.

Till next time and stay tuned :)

EDIT: Oh, and my current translation progress is slightly more than midway through episode 14. Yeah, laziness and other commitments stalled my translation, but now hopefully i'm back in full gear :)