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Blog 11: Update on Progress

Hear ye, hear ye.

Right, so after the nice constructive review by Killer_Wolf, it's about time I update on my progress to all my current 33 subscribers. Current translation progress is at Episode 18 (a very long episode, by the way), and currently, I'm also revamping on the beginning texts and dialogues of the game (much needed, by the way, now that I look back...)

That said, a new translator/proofreader has volunteered to help me with my translation. Welcome kumada! He's the man. He hasn't officially begun work yet (due to me being busy recently) but will soon sometime this week. And I hope he's prepared though...because the language in this game ain't easy to comprehend at first.

What I'll do is, I'll at least compile the script in small batches for him (so as not to overwhelm him and that he'll have something to do) and as he begins his work, I will also resume my progress (after getting much fresh air myself).

As for the next release, I'll probably target the first 22 episodes together with the proof-read version. So stay tuned for that. I don't know when that will be done (depends on kumada's progress too, of course). Hopefully, July is the target. But I won't hold any promises.

So that's that from me. Until then :)


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Thank you, eplip. This will be my first time undertaking a project like this, so if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to send it at me.

To the 33 subscribers, I'll do my best to deliver you guys a quality product. Here's to a long and productive collaboration.
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