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Blog 13: Update on Progress

Right, so just to update my subscribers on my progress thus far.

As of now, Seraphic Blue is undergoing a two-way translation. That means kumada and I are revamping the early episodes' translations, while I'm progressing with my current progress, which is at Episode 19. Just finished Episode 18 yesterday, and now having fun translating Episode 19 :)

I'll now let you all in on what is to come. Firstly, a final demo of Seraphic Blue, covering 7 more episodes (last 5 episodes of Chapter 2 and first 2 episodes of the biggest chapter and main bulk of the game, Chapter 3) will be released this year. It will be the final demo before I will go all out in finishing the translation of this game. And the real fun part lies in the second half of the game, so I hope you fans anticipate the full game's release after the release of the final demo. Of course, this final demo will also include the revamps done so far in the beginning. Current revamp state is at Episode 1, and I am planning to add Episode 2 for kumada to edit soon (once I go a little bit more into Episode 19, anyway).

The final demo will cover the core episode of Chapter 2, new characters, and the last episode of the final demo will be...a surprise. Well, not quite, but you'll find out when it's released :)

The reason why this will be the final demo before I go all out is because Chapter 3 onwards has plenty of major spoilers and intense cutscenes, and stopping midway through would entirely spoil the mood of it. It's a major chapter (and I really mean major), so i figure I'll just cover the 1st two episodes of Chapter 3, which will be good enough.

As for when the final demo will be released, I'm targeting May to June 2012.

And to those who are awaiting the complete version, please do be patient! My progress has had its ups and downs, but it will definitely be completed, I assure you. Chances are, though, that I most likely won't finish this year. Earliest would be next year, and the very latest would be when World Cup 2014 kicks off (or actually earlier than that). I don't wanna make any guarantees regarding release date, but I can guarantee its complete version.

After Seraphic Blue, I may possibly tackle translation of one more game before I'll see how it goes. And that game is one I must translate. What it is though will be a secret...you will find out soon after I complete Seraphic Blue's translation. :)

Oh, and one more thing, you will have noticed that I've updated the download to utilize RMN's new file storage system. It's still the same download though, and you'll notice it's 179 MB. That, actually, is close to the total file size of the full game (since much of the file size comes from the music files and, to a lesser extent, pictures). Final file size of the full game should be about 185MB.

So all right, back to my usual stuff. Stay tuned!


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Nice! Been waiting for the next demo ever since I reached the cliffhanger of an ending to the last demo. Probably will even start over when it comes out so I can get acquainted with the story again and see the tightened up translation.

Good work and keep it up! Waiting with bated breath for this release ;D.
Glad to see you still working on this, a personal favorite for me~ ^o^
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