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Progress Report

Blog 21: Early Merry Christmas! (Minor update to Seraphic Blue)

Hi fans!

Thanks a lot for your continued support on Seraphic Blue (in terms of subscription and downloads)! This is just to let you know that Seraphic Blue has just received a minor update to the main download. This minor update consists of updated translations for the 1st 19 episodes, courtesy of kumada's help. He will be continuing to help me brush up on the editing whenever possible, and I certainly appreciate his help.

I know it has been a while since I've updated this game, but the reason is, as you probably already know, that my next release will be the whole game instead of part by par. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. It's because the second half of the game is something that I feel is best played all the way in order to enjoy the full experience. Although the second half has Chapters 3 and 4 (with each chapter consisting of multiple episodes), Chapter 3 is so epic (and I really mean epic) that if I release the next version up to the end of Chapter 3 before releasing the whole game, it wouldn't be a smooth transition when players start playing Chapter 4 after the end of Chapter 3. Also, the second half has about the same number of episodes as the first half, which is why it's taking me so long.

But fear not, because my progress now is at Episode 34, which means I'm closing in on the end of Chapter 3 and are just about 12 episodes away from finishing the translation! And some of you may have already noticed, but I have changed the target completion date to be 14 May 2014, which is actually the 10th anniversary of Seraphic Blue. However, there are no guarantees that I can finish by that date, even though I will do my very best. The one thing I can guarantee, though, is that the translation of Seraphic Blue will be done by 2014. You can mark my words on that.

Another thing is that, once I finished my translation of Seraphic Blue, I have quite a lot of information on Seraphic Blue to share, as in trivia and such, and also how the journey has been during my translation of this game. The thing is, I have a no. of plans to celebrate the full release of Seraphic Blue, and I can't wait to unleash that come release. But the first priority is to finish the translation of Seraphic Blue.

With that said, I will now get back to my translation. Merry Christmas in advance!


Blog 20.5: Guitar Version of a Music Piece in Seraphic Blue (Updated: Video unfortunately removed)

EDIT: Sad to say, but the Youtube video has been removed by the user. I will still leave the video link here, though, just for archival purposes.

Hey there fans,

As I continue my translation of Seraphic Blue, here's a remix of a music track in the game by a Japanese guitarist. This remix should be pretty familiar if you have played right until the end of the current version of Seraphic Blue ;)

I will add this into the Media section as well.

Anyway, my progress so far? Finished Episode 29 some time ago and so 16 more episodes to go (including the ending/epilogue)!

Progress Report

Blog 20: Progress Update and Special Day Today

Hey fans of Seraphic Blue,

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for the continued support of Seraphic Blue, be it directly or indirectly. The latest version of Seraphic Blue has currently garnered 485 downloads, and the rate of downloads of the latest version is faster than that of the previous version, so I am definitely grateful for the support.

Secondly, today is actually a special day, because today is the 9th anniversary of Seraphic Blue's release. Yep, the original version was released on May 15, 2004. Unfortunately, I don't have anything in mind to celebrate this (and I am not ready to reveal a few scenes from the rest of the game just yet...), but...

Having said that, my current progress is 3/4 through Episode 29, which means 15 more episodes to go plus ending. Due to my busy schedule (and a bit of laziness, I have to admit ~ ~), I didn't go very far in my translation for the past 4 months since my last blog post. But this is where I have made a plan which I will see through.

Now, chances are, I won't likely be able to finish by the target release date that I have stated on the game page, which is December 25 2013. And chances are, if I can't finish by December 25 2013, it will be finished before and probably released on May 15, 2014 to mark the 10th anniversary of Seraphic Blue's release. My plan is basically to translate 2 episodes per month, and if all goes well, I am likely to finish latest by March. I have not 100% decided whether I intend to release straight after I have finished translation, but May 15 2014 will give kumada and me a large window of time to finish our translation.

That said, I will keep you guys updated again on my progress some time before my original target release date (Dec 25 2013). And I will promise myself to stick to my plan and not sidetrack from it.

Until then, stay tuned!


Blog 19: Profile page has hit 50,000 views

Hello fans,

Just want to say that Seraphic Blue's profile page has now hit exactly 50,000 views as of this posting. An achievement indeed, heh. It may not be anything much, but nonetheless, thank you everyone for checking out Seraphic Blue!

Well, now that the 1st half of the game is out, I'll just give a quick update on my progress in translation. I'm now about 3/4 of Episode 27 done. Re-translation is now at a slightly lesser priority than moving forward with the translation (that of course doesn't mean re-translation will stop! It will still continue.) Counting down from now till Christmas 2013, I still have 17 more episodes (plus the epic long ending and epilogue) to go...I will still keep within my target, though of course I also do not want to rush at the same time. Here's just wishing myself luck in pulling through this.

In the meantime, here's a video to showcase what's to come for the remainder of the game. I can assure you that the 2nd half of the game is more action-packed (and harder) than the 1st half.

I will have more videos coming right up, and in fact, I'll have a lot more to post about Seraphic Blue even after I finish translation, not just in part to my work on this game, but also misc. stuff and trivia that you may not actually know about. I'll save all that when the time comes, though, so enjoy this video and stay tuned for more!


Blog 18.5 Minor Update Patch

Yeah, this is just a minor update, but I've updated the download to include a few fixes plus re-translations for Episodes 12 and 13. For those who are interested in those re-translations and have already downloaded the game, you can download the patch here:


Extract and paste everything into the Seraphic Blue folder.

Re-translations for 14 to 17 aren't done yet, and I may either upload them in the form of a patch later or wait until the full version is complete. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, have fun with the game! And Happy New Year!!


Blog 18: Video Play-through/Let's Play by a Fan

Hey, everyone!

Credits to LunaticScreamer for doing a play-through/Let's Play of Seraphic Blue! These videos will give you a heads-up of what you can expect from this game. He's done with the Prologue so far, so if you want to check out more videos from him, you can go to his Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/LunaticScreamer

For now, here are the videos that he has uploaded so far:


Blog 17: Seraphic Blue (1st Half ) is now up!!

UPDATE: The main download has now been updated to include the missing file! Just in case, for those who get the "EP44_LBCutsceneC file not found" error, please download the file in the link below and put inside the "Picture" sub-folder in the Seraphic Blue folder. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for playing!

Merry Christmas, fans!

Yes, the download is now up. Happy downloading. The only thing though is that the re-translation is only up to Episode 11, and 12 to 17 (the older episodes) have yet to be updated. The scripts for 12 and 13 are actually done, but I didn't have the time to update them. But the important thing is that the new episodes have been released! :) I will upload a patch to include updates for 12 to 17, possibly before New Year's Day, so do stay tuned for that if you like to see the re-translations for 12 to 17.

Just for let you all know that this version covers the 1st 24 episodes of the game plus the intro, Episode 0. For a total of about 25 hours of gameplay.

Okay, now that the 1st half of Seraphic Blue is up for grasp, what's next? Seeing that an average-length episode usually takes me about a week to finish, if I can keep it consistent, I can actually do 48 episodes in a year. There are 46 episodes in the game, actually, so theoretically, I should have finished last year or so. With that said, though, since I now have completed 25 episodes (Episode 0 to 24), I still have 21 episodes to go. Which means I definitely should be able to finish translation by around Christmas next year. Yep, that would be my plan for the remaining episodes.

As for proofreading, it will still continue, but it's unlikely that the initial full version will cover all episodes, seeing that kumada has to wait for me to release newer episodes and play the game before he can proofread. There's also the fact that I'm now more confident in my knowledge of Japanese, so it should be smooth-sailing even without the proofreading, unlike the old translation version. Of course, I still appreciate kumada's help in the proofreading and I definitely hope for him to continue.

With that said, happy playing! I may release some new videos on the game in a bit.


Blog 16: Seraphic Blue (1st half) will be released on Christmas Day

Hey everyone,

Yes, you heard me right. The 1st half of Seraphic Blue will be released on Christmas Day. I figure I shouldn't keep you guys waiting, and I'm already done with translating the new episodes, anyway. The only thing that's not fully done is the revamp/proofread part, but progress on that is currently at Episode 14, and so if I can't finish revamping Episode 14 in time, it's all cool. I'll still try, though!

But more importantly, this is what you subscribers/fans should expect from the newest and final incomplete translated version before I go all out to finish translating the game with the help of kumada:

- 7 new episodes, bringing the total to 24 episodes translated
- Total of more than 25 hours of gameplay
- 2 new dungeons and 3 new bosses
- Completely revamped translation for episodes up to Episode 14 (may include just a few revamps for 15 to 17 if I have time) (Trust me, the re-translation is much needed, especially with my improved knowledge of Japanese and with kumada's help in proofreading)

I probably still have some more things to say, like my future plans after releasing this version and such. But I'll save that for after I release this version.

So mark your calendars, guys! This will be my Christmas present to you fans!

Progress Report

Blog 15: Sorry for the delay guys!

Hey fans and subscribers,

I have really been busy lately, but that, of course, does not mean I won't finish it! I will definitely finish this eventually.

In fact, I have already reached my target of Episode 24 some time ago before releasing the newest version to everyone. Now, what's left to do is to finish adding the Episode 24 script into the game itself, and then finish up with the re-translations of the older episodes (Episode 10 to 14, and parts of 15 to 17), with kumada helping me with most of those, before I release it to everyone. Therefore, please be patient with me, guys. I'm almost there for this release!

That said, the target for release, if all goes well, would be right before Christmas (which will be the great time to release as well :)). The re-translations will be a lot better thanks to my improved knowledge of Japanese and kumada's great help. Of course, if I can release early, I will. But I would want to make sure everything is perfect or close to it before I release the newest version.

So as said, this newest (and final incomplete version) will cover the first 24 episodes of the game. I will give slightly more details on this once again when the release date is near.

So stay tuned! (I really have to keep to my target this time.)

Progress Report

Blog 14: Some Seraphic Blue Fan Art plus Update

Hey, everyone. Before I get to the update, I have something to show to you guys.

To show how popular Seraphic Blue was at the time of its release, Japanese fans have actually drawn several fan arts to it. Most of these fan arts are googled, and I have a lot more to add in in time to come, but for now, I'll just add a few here for you all to see. There are more, but a number of those are spoilers, so I won't post them yet. They're a little big, so I'll put them in "hides":

I'll add these into the Images section soon.

Alright, now for an update. I'm almost at my target, but I probably won't be done in June. But at the progress I'm going now (after some hiatus here and there), hopefully I can finish by next month. Right now I'm at Episode 22 of the targeted 24, while my helper/proofreader, kumada, is at Episode 6. And after I reach the target, I'll look through the previous episodes one more time. To be honest, I'm glad I actually go back to re-translating the old episodes, because they really need the re-translation badly. I literally facepalmed myself on many occasions while I was re-translating the old episodes before sending to kumada for proofreading, now that I understand Japanese much better than I did when I first started out.

So July's the target now! Look forward to it. Until then, please enjoy these fan art by the Japanese fans :)