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Blog 13: Update on Progress

Right, so just to update my subscribers on my progress thus far.

As of now, Seraphic Blue is undergoing a two-way translation. That means kumada and I are revamping the early episodes' translations, while I'm progressing with my current progress, which is at Episode 19. Just finished Episode 18 yesterday, and now having fun translating Episode 19 :)

I'll now let you all in on what is to come. Firstly, a final demo of Seraphic Blue, covering 7 more episodes (last 5 episodes of Chapter 2 and first 2 episodes of the biggest chapter and main bulk of the game, Chapter 3) will be released this year. It will be the final demo before I will go all out in finishing the translation of this game. And the real fun part lies in the second half of the game, so I hope you fans anticipate the full game's release after the release of the final demo. Of course, this final demo will also include the revamps done so far in the beginning. Current revamp state is at Episode 1, and I am planning to add Episode 2 for kumada to edit soon (once I go a little bit more into Episode 19, anyway).

The final demo will cover the core episode of Chapter 2, new characters, and the last episode of the final demo will be...a surprise. Well, not quite, but you'll find out when it's released :)

The reason why this will be the final demo before I go all out is because Chapter 3 onwards has plenty of major spoilers and intense cutscenes, and stopping midway through would entirely spoil the mood of it. It's a major chapter (and I really mean major), so i figure I'll just cover the 1st two episodes of Chapter 3, which will be good enough.

As for when the final demo will be released, I'm targeting May to June 2012.

And to those who are awaiting the complete version, please do be patient! My progress has had its ups and downs, but it will definitely be completed, I assure you. Chances are, though, that I most likely won't finish this year. Earliest would be next year, and the very latest would be when World Cup 2014 kicks off (or actually earlier than that). I don't wanna make any guarantees regarding release date, but I can guarantee its complete version.

After Seraphic Blue, I may possibly tackle translation of one more game before I'll see how it goes. And that game is one I must translate. What it is though will be a secret...you will find out soon after I complete Seraphic Blue's translation. :)

Oh, and one more thing, you will have noticed that I've updated the download to utilize RMN's new file storage system. It's still the same download though, and you'll notice it's 179 MB. That, actually, is close to the total file size of the full game (since much of the file size comes from the music files and, to a lesser extent, pictures). Final file size of the full game should be about 185MB.

So all right, back to my usual stuff. Stay tuned!


Blog 12: 1st English Fan Video

So I searched Seraphic Blue in Youtube, and I found this first fan video for the English version of Seraphic Blue! Awesome! This video shows one of the major bosses of the game.

Note though that this video is somewhat spoilerish, so watch it with discretion.

I will upload this video in the Media and Video section :)

Progress Report

Blog 11: Update on Progress

Hear ye, hear ye.

Right, so after the nice constructive review by Killer_Wolf, it's about time I update on my progress to all my current 33 subscribers. Current translation progress is at Episode 18 (a very long episode, by the way), and currently, I'm also revamping on the beginning texts and dialogues of the game (much needed, by the way, now that I look back...)

That said, a new translator/proofreader has volunteered to help me with my translation. Welcome kumada! He's the man. He hasn't officially begun work yet (due to me being busy recently) but will soon sometime this week. And I hope he's prepared though...because the language in this game ain't easy to comprehend at first.

What I'll do is, I'll at least compile the script in small batches for him (so as not to overwhelm him and that he'll have something to do) and as he begins his work, I will also resume my progress (after getting much fresh air myself).

As for the next release, I'll probably target the first 22 episodes together with the proof-read version. So stay tuned for that. I don't know when that will be done (depends on kumada's progress too, of course). Hopefully, July is the target. But I won't hold any promises.

So that's that from me. Until then :)


Blog 10.5: Release Something Day Special now up! (EDIT: with Patch 1.0)

EDIT: Here's the patch below to fix several numerous bugs for those who downloaded this RSD Special before 5 Dec. The file size is small, but still relatively important to fix crucial bugs:

Hey guys, the Release Something Day Special is now up for download! This updated demo translation version is up to the beginning of Episode 18, meaning an additional 5 episodes from the previous release. In addition, I have also fixed several mis-translations, particularly in the early game when I'm still not experience in Japanese translation. These 5 episodes will add another 5-6 hours or so of gameplay for a grand current total 14-18 hours of gameplay.

That said, have fun! Next release will probably cover the remaining 5 episodes of Chapter 2, which will mark the end of the 1st half of the game.


Blog 10: Release Something Day Special Coming Right Up!

For those who are aware of Release Something Day, you may have already known that I am releasing a Release Something Day special in the spirit of releasing! The current translated demo, as you all know, covers the first 12 episodes of the game. This next demo...well I won't spoil the surprise until the day of release. The new content is not much, but enough to cover about 5-6 more hours of gameplay.

One of the reasons why I'm doing Release Something Day is, as I've said, to celebrate the spirit of releasing. This is also the first time I'm participating in a RMN event. I've always wanted to participate in Release Something, and now that it's back, I'm more than happy to take part!

Another reason for the release is to give more publicity to this game. While this game is not substantial enough to be popular yet (people obviously want to play the complete game for the best full experience), I still ought to give it more publicity. Comments of this current demo are positive, and so I hope that by releasing the revised version on Release Something Day, more people will be aware of a game that has become so popular in the Japanese community at the time of its release.

So keep an eye out for the release on Release Something Day!


Blog 9: Intro of Seraphic Blue

Hey, guys, so yeah, I thought of recording the intro (first 10 mins) of Seraphic Blue to let you guys see how the game starts. This video also shows more of my translated texts and this video is for those who have not played the game yet. I don't think the intro here will spoil anything so it's all good.

Happy watching! :)

P.S. As for my translation progress, currently at Episode 15 ;) Also, next blog post won't be anytime in a while as I strive to complete Chapter 2. So until then, stay tuned :)


Blog 8: Patch 1.0 and Mini-Review!

UPDATE: Yeah, this was reposted because somehow, I couldn't edit the old one after RMN upgraded to RMN4. So yeah. :)

Hi, guys, I bring to you the patch that fixes several things in this demo version. Big thanks to Drifloon for his bug reports and mini-review! You can check out his mini-review by clicking here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2727/blog/5576/?post=300781#post300781

Several things fixed include some untranslated texts, missing files and a few poor translations that I found myself. You can download the patch by clicking here: http://www.mediafire.com/?djhdwa98yrji2ik. Just replace the main game folder with the patch accordingly.

After this, I'm back to work on translation. So until the next version is out, stay tuned! :)


Blog 7: Seraphic Blue English has been noticed by the Japanese!


Oh. my. God. It took me 8 months to find out that my English translation of Seraphic Blue has been noticed by the Japanese. Well, I know it'll be noticed at one point or another, but not that soon. I only found out after checking out my 1st video's statistics and noticed it has been embedded in the website alone...on Jan 17, 3 days after I uploaded this 1st video!

Basically, from what I've read of the blog, the writer has high expectations of my translation and since I mentioned 2012, it gives me all the more determination to finish it by 2012 so as not to disappoint the Japanese! One of the pictures (the 1st one), I just realized btw, had a mistake in my translation...meaning I'll have to look back at this part of the translation.

Well...guess I cannot be lazy now...Gotta aim for the target of 2012 to finish!


Blog 6: Prologue + Chapter 1 Demo Now Up for Download!

UPDATE2: The link to the patch which includes 5 missing files and several other fixes is now available on the main page itself. Alternatively, you can download from below:

Hey, guys. Guess what? I've just uploaded the latest version of Seraphic Blue! This version features the intro, 1st 12 episodes of the game and the beginning of episode 13 (which is the start of Chapter 2). I've left the Prologue Demo in tact for archiving purposes (though I will eventually delete all demo versions when the full version is out). While waiting for the new download, here's some things and tips while in game:

1) There are items scattered within towns and cities and may be hidden from view, but they all appear as one common icon (you'll know when you get in-game ;))
2) Strategies are crucial in this game. While strategies are not as important early in the game than later in the game, they are still important as not all battles are mere hack and slash = win.
3) There is a little bit of disturbing language in-game, especially late in this demo...maybe a little vulgar, and somewhat gruesome. So just be aware of this if you're one who's easily disturbed by that. I do try to minimize when possible, but in cases where I can't, I...can't.

As for my current progress? Still stuck at episode 14. I gotta say, episode 14 is one of the longest episodes of the game, so it'll take a while. I'm possibly 3/5 through episode 14 already though :)

So that's that. Have fun playing and do give comments on the storyline and gameplay so far in the main page! :)


Blog 5: Not-so-good news and Good News

Heya, guys, time to update you guys with my translation progress. First, the not-so-good news. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish translating Chapter 2 by September. And I was intending to release something early (not end of the year).

Which is why the good news is, so as not to keep you fans waiting for too long, I will release Chapter 1 first, latest by September 1. The reason why I initially aim to release Chapter 1 and 2 together is because Chapter 2 is not as action-packed as Chapter 1, and is more story-oriented. But I figure I can't keep you guys waiting, so at least have a taste of Chapter 1 before I release Chapter 2.

So this is the good thing :). After which though, I will release Chapters 3 and 4 in one shot, meaning the full game. Chapter 3 is so much more epic than Chapter 4 (not saying Chapter 4 isn't, but is not as much intensive as Chapter 3) that releasing Chapter 3 followed by 4 wouldn't be much of a good idea, I think. But then again, I'll see how it goes. :)

Okay, enough talk. Here's another video that showcases me exploring around a city while talking to some NPCs and such. And also a random battle at the end :0. This video aims to showcase more of my translated dialogues and such. All these basic stuff, of course, can be seen in-game, and I could have done better, but it's just the structure to show players new and old the whole feel of the game.

If you guys approve to me releasing Chapter 1 first before Chapter 2 rather than both at once, give me a holler :) Also, Chapter 1 has 9 episodes, so combined with the Prologue, a total of 12 episodes + introduction and possibly 9-12 hours of gameplay.

With that said, I figure I should start updating my game page to include all manuals and such. They'll start coming soon.

Till next time and stay tuned :)

EDIT: Oh, and my current translation progress is slightly more than midway through episode 14. Yeah, laziness and other commitments stalled my translation, but now hopefully i'm back in full gear :)