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Seraphic Blue Battle System Video 2 (Regular Boss Battle)

Hey, folks! Been a while since I've posted a blog post here. Yes, translation is still going strong, and I can say progress has reached until 1/4 of episode 8.

Anyway, here's another video of the battle system in action, this time featuring a relatively easy battle (or so it looks from my experience). I actually didn't want to upload this video because it's kind of the same as the previous, but i guess i'll just probably upload a boss battle, even if it's the easy one. (And yes, this is the less laggy video).

The next blog post (and video) most likely won't come until I'm close to releasing the Half Demo, which seems like from my progress rate, I may actually only finish by September or so. That of course doesn't mean I won't try to finish by July, but of course I also want to make the translation as tip-top shape as the game itself.
The next video after this will also be accompanied with explanation on some stuff of the battle system. Revealing now wouldn't make sense yet, but based on these videos, I'll leave you guys guessing for the time being :)

Stay tuned until then!


Seraphic Blue's Battle System (with more than 1 character) in Action

I was bored, so I thought I would upload a video showcasing Seraphic Blue's battle system with more characters in play. Below is a video of a battle in a certain dungeon against normal enemies:

Translation progress wise, I've just started on Episode 5, so progress is steady I should say.

Well in the meantime, hope you enjoy the video :)

EDIT: Oh, and sorry for the lag in the video. >_<


Merry Christmas all! Prologue Demo now available for download!

Well, Christmas is a little early for most people now, but here in the eastern part of the world, it's Christmas!

I was actually planning on posting the blog at a later time, but wow the submission sure was fast at being accepted this time.

Anyway, as promised, the Prologue Demo for Seraphic Blue. This "teaser" demo covers the introduction and the 1st 3 episodes of the game, and should take about 3 hrs to complete. 2 dungeons to explore, with a great climatic story point at the end of episode 3.

That said, happy enjoying the demo and Merry Christmas once again! :)

EDIT: Oh some other things to add. First, although I have added most of the necessary RTP files (mostly Sound and Music files) into the download, i may have missed out some, so do play with RTP installed if possible. And second, it's a .rar file, so unzip it with WinRAR.


Opening of Seraphic Blue blog

Welcome to Seraphic Blue's homepage. As stated in the summary, this is a solo translation project by me alone, and the date to release the Prologue Demo is still slated for Christmas 2010. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, please enjoy the posted screenshots as i finish up on the last episode. :)
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