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Below are the hints to all puzzles in Seraphic Blue. Click on the show to reveal the hints.

1) Episode 27

Hint 1: This puzzle shouldn't be difficult. All you have to do is to read through Heidi's words and find a word that actually relates to one of the numbers.

Hint 2: The key word is "infinity".

2) Episode 38

This puzzle involves a chest. The key is to find numbers associated with the two characteristics of oranges and find their product.

3) Episode 39
This is where it gets tough...

Puzzle 1:
Hint 1: Do you notice how differently structured most of the paragraphs are as opposed to the last few paragraphs? The thing is, there is a hidden message in those paragraphs. Once you figure out the hidden message, it should be straightforward from there.

Hint 2: It is an acrostic.

Hint 3: The quoted words are quoted for a reason.

Puzzle 2:
Hint 1: The answer to this puzzle is actually straightforward, but there's a catch...The key words are "look back".

Hint 2: What would you do when you "look back"? You think backwards, right? There's your 2nd hint :)

4) Episode 43
Puzzle 1:
Hint 1: Notice how the Game Over screen is different from the normal Game Over screen? Yes, there is something you must do when you enter the special Game Over screen. Remember how the statue says something about denying demise?

Hint 2: You have to press a key to deny demise (press repeatedly if you have to.)

Puzzle 2:
This actually isn't difficult, although it may seem confusing at first. Basically, you have to find a hidden tile whose surrounding layout matches the surrounding layout of the green portal.

Puzzle 3:
Hint 1: Again, the answer to this puzzle is actually straightforward, but everything about this puzzle seems very confusing. Also, when you enter each of the portals, you are taken to a place full of portals with statues labelled "Queen", "Angel", "Zephyr" etc. plus a statue called "Mirror". Now, think. What does that whole layout with the statues actually remind you of?

Hint 2: The first thing you must know is that this is a fill-in-the-letters puzzle. That being said, what does the layout with the statues remind you of (minus the "Mirror" portal)?

Hint 3: There is an important reason why the "Mirror" portal exists.