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Game Loader

  • Radnen
  • 01/08/2011 06:46 AM
I've written myself a game loader for this game. If you've ever played Dragon Age Origins or Oblivion you'll notice that there's a kind of startup screen that pops up. It will list options to config the game, play it or leave.

Some people may not think its necessary, but with Sphere I had to so that I can pull supported screen sizes from your computer so that the game can detect what the optimum screen size actually is.

On another note I've made an in-game options screen:

And I've made some updates to the Mini-map:

Enemies now have their own graphic which helps in figuring out in what direction they are pointing.

Also, they change color depending on the mood of their AI
Red = Targeting You
Gray = Idle
Blue = Flee/Scared
Green = Partner/Friend