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"Where were you when the universe ended?"

I Miss the Sunrise is an all-new prequel to 2009's The Reconstruction. Featuring strategic battles, player-created weapons, and unique gameplay around every turn, I Miss the Sunrise is an RPG experience like no other. The full game is available as of July 22nd, 2012.

Version 1.51 released August 12th, 2012.

-No typical HP & MP drudgery. Instead, all battlers have Hull, Systems, and Pilot ratings that serve as both health and fuel for weapons. Reducing any of them to 0 means defeat, so spacefarers beware!
-Create your own pilot. Give 'em a name, then choose your gender, race, and customized personality, all of which determine how you interact with other denizens of the universe.
-Get to know your allies better through dialog interaction and performance in battle. But be careful: some allies may be less receptive to your chosen personality.
-Assemble your own weapons. Use salvaged components to customize and outfit your own weapons, name them whatever you want, and use their blueprint codes to share your creations with other players!
-Fast-paced, strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and targeting over brute force. Exploit your enemies' vulnerabilities while covering your own!
-Random exploration maps let you take part in battles and exploration any time you please.
-Customizeable AI lets you determine just how ruthless the enemy can be.

TV Tropes page available here! Spoilers ahoy!

Unofficial Wiki available here! Spoilers here too!

New! Fanfiction!: 1 | 2 (Spoilers, of course!)

Latest Blog

Out with the Old

Happy Nauruan Independence Day, everybody!

For anyone still watching, I've expunged my old site in order to concentrate on my new one (Sungazer Software) full time. Plus, I had a lot of insane rambling from 2009 or so that I didn't want hanging around, so it had to go.

If there were any posts you absolutely cannot live without, or if you object loudly enough, then I could be goaded into having a "greatest hits" archive left intact somewhere. Swayed, even. Until then, though, consider any links to Tilde-One.com to be defunct. (Actually they'll just redirect to the new front page.)

Good night, and keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.


I registered just for this. I have to say it, I'm absolutely blown away. The writing, the battle system, I can't believe I'm jumping on the bandwagon this late. Fifteen hours have just flown by, and I don't regret pouring my weekend into this at all. Great job!

Haven't quite finished (Almost done episode 4, I imagine), but I'm guessing that I can't just (Yeah its another one of these)
Bash my head against Tez until he loves me by the end. A simple 'keep trying' or 'just compromise' would be good... No offense to the other two options that might have prospects, but... I can't see my character with either. Guess I'm just a nut for stuff like that. Mahk was a close second, but my LAC happens to be a chick. Ah well.
doesn't live here anymore
Sorry for that! I wanted to avoid the "everything that moves" trend recent games have taken. Plus, he has... issues.
Go with Daszk! Poor guy needs some emotional support. Unless you told him he's half-not-a-person, he doesn't like that.

Hey, Deltree, you should do a poll to see what people's romantic options were. Seems like Tez and Mahk are particularly popular.
Daszk? I... Didn't actually know that was an option. Huh. Well, that works. And hey, nothing wrong about a guy with issues.

I know the whole 'everything that moves' mentality is one that needs to be avoided in most cases, buuut... I dunno. Tez and Mahk were the characters got their hooks into me the most, and first. I guess I just like the option to be there, being one of 'those' people. Not on DA2 levels (lol), but you know what I mean. There's always headcanon I s'pose

Still, fantastic game, and I fully intend to take a look at the sequel. Also recruited a few characters late so... Going to be extending my binge a bit more before continuing with the main story. That'll teach me to skip stuff.

EDIT: Oh. Just looked at prelim stuff for The Drop. Colour me all kinds of excited - I love me a roguelike something fierce.
To be honest, if there was any game that could justify Everyone Is Bi, it would be this one. Odd that he didn't go with that route. It's good that he acknowledged other sexualities exist, though, and unlike Mass Effect didn't do a terrible job of portraying them.
I wouldn't yet know, though I certainly will in my second playthrough. I must admit, more options than I thought there were at first... Still
sort of depressing having her run around the ship from Tez to Mahk to Chac to Jazzy all first and having only a couple bat eyelids, if that. The buildup is there already, just a bit of a downer
. Always thought the concept of 'the tank gets lonely' would come up eventually. Ah well. Home and tucked in for a night of getting the late-comers up to snuff before continuing with episode 4. Game is still a blast. hopefully I'm not screwing up by playing this before Reconstruction.

Oh, and uh, speaking about Mass Effect I'm a Garrus-or-bust sort of person. Though I guess that's obvious by now...
I'm pretty sure that everyone with maxed personal trust is an option, provided you fit their gender requirement. Of course, there are oddities like Tez, Chac, and Luke. (I'm also pretty sure that the sixteenth character never gives the option at all. Logic dictates that Cassidy wouldn't either.)

hopefully I'm not screwing up by playing this before Reconstruction.
Eheh...you kind of are, sorry. Knowing about Tezkhra spoils a massive plot twist. And at this point in the story you also know about...other things...that could radically alter how you view the story. On the bright side, it means you won't be spoiled for a certain plot twist at the end of this game that is a foregone conclusion if you've already played TR...

...I'm probably being absurdly cryptic and mysterious here, sorry. You should still play TR, it's a cool game and you get to see how Deltree's work has evolved since then. It's not really worse, even (except in his portrayal of female characters, yikes), just different. I personally prefer TR's battle system, myself, though IMTS does have better potential for large-scale strategic planning.
Haha, yeah, after exploring certain abandoned compounds in their entirety I imagine TR will be in a massively different light, but I'm sure the experience will still be a positive one. Just because the light is different, doesn't mean it's a BAD kind of spoilers. BAD spoilers would be like the time I had RDR spoiled the day I bought it... and even then. Different light.

Thanks for being cryptic - really. Not quite into episode 5 yet, just learned about
so I'm really not sure how close I am to the end, but I'm appreciative of stuff being held back. I'm loathe to spoilers outside my control :P
Disregard, I feel dumb. Forgot about one-way routes...
Seeing the images and some reviews of the game I can tell this is an amazing game so i'll be downloading it soon to check it out my self.
Grats on being featured! Definitely worth the honors.
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks, y'all!
Let's hope The Drop gets featured too!

By the way, is the plant merchant
Doctor Burkle?

(Also, minor bug: In the cutscene where Luke is recruited, after the screen fades to black, it fades back in for a second before fading out and placing Ros in the Inquiry properly.)
doesn't live here anymore
Nah; the merchant is actually much more obvious than that, if you know where to look.

Also thanks! For some reason the fade in/out calls are finnicky and sometimes the player's opacity is correctly set to 0 and sometimes it just ignores it.
Nah; the merchant is actually much more obvious than that, if you know where to look.


Also, typo: In one of Luke's side conversations, he says, "I got more than enough thing to get off my chest."
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I am almost at the end of the game but I have not yet figured out the deal with those "Code 0A0E" items that seem to show a phrase with various letters blanked out. ): Hint?
doesn't live here anymore
There are a few sets of codes, and they come four to a set, and each set spells out a weapon code for a unique weapon. By endgame they may not be as helpful though.
To be honest, I actually think it might be a good idea to increase the frequency on those a bit -- they're absurdly rare, you need the full set to actually use them, and like you said, they aren't really useful past ep 2 or so (especially since they cost 4 AP).

(Oh and by the way, does the boss of episode 4 have some kind of special damage cap in place? I can't seem to inflict more than 250 damage on him (470-power weapons do the same damage as 580-power ones).)

Also, I'm pretty sure that the "Check Yo'Self" merit is impossible to get after beating all the bounty hunts. The Queen uses the strongest attack in the game, which can easily one-shot someone with a Luminous/Hull weakness, and I guess maybe the final bounty hunt's 600-power attacks could do it if your defenses are super low...but after that, even counting Splice i, the strongest attack you'll be facing is 500-power, which I don't believe is strong enough (especially since it's entirely possible to plug everyone's weaknesses through level ups).
doesn't live here anymore
(Oh and by the way, does the boss of episode 4 have some kind of special damage cap in place? I can't seem to inflict more than 250 damage on him (470-power weapons do the same damage as 580-power ones).)

Some enemies have a "large" flag that automatically halves damage after all calculations have been made. Combined with the changes in damage mitigation from defense, you could be hitting a hard cap that's further being cut in half.

The weapon code things were an early idea that I kind of abandoned, so they're still in for posterity. If you look up the answers (or if you're really good at Hangman) you can get them without hunting down every piece. They're mostly an easter egg/bonus at this point.

If you're really hell-bent on getting the merit in the endgame, you could also let Zone of Control swing all the way to the left, which should give a damage boost to the other side, but it will always take a critical hit to break 900 damage. There are some enemies who can naturally critical and get Critical+ weapon effects too if you're so inclined.