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"Where were you when the universe ended?"

I Miss the Sunrise is an all-new prequel to 2009's The Reconstruction. Featuring strategic battles, player-created weapons, and unique gameplay around every turn, I Miss the Sunrise is an RPG experience like no other. The full game is available as of July 22nd, 2012.

Version 1.51 released August 12th, 2012.

-No typical HP & MP drudgery. Instead, all battlers have Hull, Systems, and Pilot ratings that serve as both health and fuel for weapons. Reducing any of them to 0 means defeat, so spacefarers beware!
-Create your own pilot. Give 'em a name, then choose your gender, race, and customized personality, all of which determine how you interact with other denizens of the universe.
-Get to know your allies better through dialog interaction and performance in battle. But be careful: some allies may be less receptive to your chosen personality.
-Assemble your own weapons. Use salvaged components to customize and outfit your own weapons, name them whatever you want, and use their blueprint codes to share your creations with other players!
-Fast-paced, strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and targeting over brute force. Exploit your enemies' vulnerabilities while covering your own!
-Random exploration maps let you take part in battles and exploration any time you please.
-Customizeable AI lets you determine just how ruthless the enemy can be.

TV Tropes page available here! Spoilers ahoy!

Unofficial Wiki available here! Spoilers here too!

New! Fanfiction!: 1 | 2 (Spoilers, of course!)

Latest Blog

Out with the Old

Happy Nauruan Independence Day, everybody!

For anyone still watching, I've expunged my old site in order to concentrate on my new one (Sungazer Software) full time. Plus, I had a lot of insane rambling from 2009 or so that I didn't want hanging around, so it had to go.

If there were any posts you absolutely cannot live without, or if you object loudly enough, then I could be goaded into having a "greatest hits" archive left intact somewhere. Swayed, even. Until then, though, consider any links to Tilde-One.com to be defunct. (Actually they'll just redirect to the new front page.)

Good night, and keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.


Don't worry, the most you'll miss is some vendor trash (nodes) or a weapon component (par time). There is some crazy hidden stuff in the nodes, but you can get them just as easily from random missions.
Okay, so I'm not going to miss out on an npc or plot point because I failed to search perimeter epsilon or whatever during a mission? That's good to know.
By not searching the gray dots on all of the mission maps in order to hit par, am I missing anything important? Is there ever anything crazy hidden in them, or just the green dots? Is there ever crazy stuff hidden in the mission rewards for getting a score under par?

I can answer this partly. There aren't really any crazy stuff, though I think different splices reap a different quality of items. What I do during a splice mission is to search every dot I encounter and gather all the green dots, and do so until all investigations are complete.

It actually does help to search the gray dots because there are certain quests that require certain items, and that you have a better chance of finding those items if you search the gray dots then if you just take the green dots.

Other than that, the gray dots also unlock "hidden dialogues", which I think will carry some meaning later on.

As for crazy stuff hidden in mission rewards for getting a score under par, well, not really, from my experience. It's your usual rank up experience and money rewards. However, higher-level splices will, of course, reap higher rewards.

TR:DR: I wouldn't be too concerned with playing splice missions, unless it's for quests (and if you somehow wanna grind).
Yeah, the only thing you'll get is some extra items. (In my experience I only got the hidden dialogues in the random maps anyway...although I never searched a lot during story missions) The rewards are always random.

There isn't anything completely miss-able until you get past the point of no return, so to speak. Even then, after you beat the game, you can go back to before that point for some post-game content. So don't worry. All characters and side-quests can be done at any point. :)
Awesome. Thanks, guys.

Completionist mode: engage!
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks for the assist, guys! Just to confirm, the typelog messages only occur in random Splice maps, and are just there to collect for flavor. There is one character who will require having a few messages collected for her weapon upgrade quest, but you won't even see her until Episode 3.
Bug found.

I got the still alive achievement at the beginning of episode 1, before the Mixotl. I also attained rank 4 by that point.

When the opportunity to talk to Chac unlocked, I went for it immediately. I chatted with him, then Rami, then went back and talked to him again. He recognized that I was over rank 3, then asked for proof that I had survived when everyone around me had died. Having recently gone for a spin with just Rami in which I allowed Rami to soak all incoming fire and then die, I figured I had this one in the bag.

But nope.

Every time I talk to Chac, he just asks for the still alive achievement. I have it, but he doesn't seem to be able to notice it.
doesn't live here anymore
It's actually independent of the merit. You need to trigger it one more time after speaking to him to initiate it. I think this is because I actually implemented the quest before merits existed, so I chose to keep the flags separate.
Quick note, even though this might be obvious already: I found the easiest way to get that achievement is to just have yourself as the only person in a fleet, go to a splice 0 random map, and have fun.
Okay, cool. Glad I didn't bork my chances to get Chac permanently.

Thanks, guys!
doesn't live here anymore
I would do it in Splice 1, actually, as I know 0 doesn't record merits and it might not check for this flag either.
Welp, so much for having a good memory. I guess I chose 1 at random and it worked, sorry. ^^;
I found the easiest way to get that achievement is to just have yourself as the only person in a fleet, go to a splice 0 random map, and have fun.

That sounds like a bug (or at least an oversight)...I guess it's not big enough of a deal to fix, though.
doesn't live here anymore
A little of both! Allies have an "active" flag to determine their alive/dead status, but for some reason I never thought of a "defeated in the current battle" one.
Me: "So, I flew a solo mission against some lessers and came back alive."

Chac: "That must have been terrible. Your teammates dieing around you, their hulls bleeding fire and their blood boiling away into space. Now you know how I felt."

Me: "Actually, uh, the thing about solo missions is that they're, uh, solo."

Chac: "I feel your loss."
This is slightly off-topic, but are there any PmWiki wizards around who can whip the wiki into shape? My own attempts at advanced structures like lists, infoboxes, and image formatting have been woefully sloppy.
doesn't live here anymore
If it's just a markup language, I can give it a shot when I have some time.
Well, after putting it off for so long, I finally finished off The Reconstruction, and this. I have to say, Mahk was probably one of my favourite characters in the game.
Sucks that he goes through so much crap by the end of the game. Especially considering I chose him as Ros' love interest (seems to be the most popular choice eh?). Still, at least he has a good life on the Surface. Until... you know.

On another note, gosh that last bounty hunt was a pain without lots of preparation. The first couple of phases are rough to deal with.

Oh another another note, can't wait for The Drop! I'll be sure to keep track on its development.
doesn't live here anymore
Congrats on soldiering through them!

I will make an effort to have more substantial progress reports posted for The Drop (when I remember to do it).
So, this recent blog post has revealed some tantalizing trivia hints relating to the game! Anyone want to try their hand at figuring them out? (Or kindly uploading save files with the requisite flag requirements for numbers 1 and 2?) My wild stabs in the dark at numbers 3 and 4 can be found here and here.