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"Where were you when the universe ended?"

I Miss the Sunrise is an all-new prequel to 2009's The Reconstruction. Featuring strategic battles, player-created weapons, and unique gameplay around every turn, I Miss the Sunrise is an RPG experience like no other. The full game is available as of July 22nd, 2012.

Version 1.51 released August 12th, 2012.

-No typical HP & MP drudgery. Instead, all battlers have Hull, Systems, and Pilot ratings that serve as both health and fuel for weapons. Reducing any of them to 0 means defeat, so spacefarers beware!
-Create your own pilot. Give 'em a name, then choose your gender, race, and customized personality, all of which determine how you interact with other denizens of the universe.
-Get to know your allies better through dialog interaction and performance in battle. But be careful: some allies may be less receptive to your chosen personality.
-Assemble your own weapons. Use salvaged components to customize and outfit your own weapons, name them whatever you want, and use their blueprint codes to share your creations with other players!
-Fast-paced, strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and targeting over brute force. Exploit your enemies' vulnerabilities while covering your own!
-Random exploration maps let you take part in battles and exploration any time you please.
-Customizeable AI lets you determine just how ruthless the enemy can be.

TV Tropes page available here! Spoilers ahoy!

Unofficial Wiki available here! Spoilers here too!

New! Fanfiction!: 1 | 2 (Spoilers, of course!)

Latest Blog

Out with the Old

Happy Nauruan Independence Day, everybody!

For anyone still watching, I've expunged my old site in order to concentrate on my new one (Sungazer Software) full time. Plus, I had a lot of insane rambling from 2009 or so that I didn't want hanging around, so it had to go.

If there were any posts you absolutely cannot live without, or if you object loudly enough, then I could be goaded into having a "greatest hits" archive left intact somewhere. Swayed, even. Until then, though, consider any links to Tilde-One.com to be defunct. (Actually they'll just redirect to the new front page.)

Good night, and keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.


Ah, so the switch is unconnected to having the merit, and only becomes trippable after you advance past the first step of the sidequest? That's...obtuse, but if you implemented merits later I can see why it'd work that way. Eh, I needed more resources anyway, another splice run's not a big deal...

I haven't been able to open RMVX for about three years now because it complains about DRM errors

Ah nuts, so 1.51 will be the last patch ever? The game seemed pretty stable last I checked, but that is a little worrying.
doesn't live here anymore
It has been long enough that I feel all right with that! I could hunt down the publisher for a fix, if I had it installed on my current computer, I reckon.

In other news, I will use this flurry of subscriber attention to point to my new game page! Here it is: link.

End shameless plug.
Yeah, if no one's reported a bug in 3 years you're probably good.

On another note... I know I should probably save this for the Dragon Quill review, but I just recruited Luke and euuughh I forgot how skeevy he was. I really hope there isn't going to be a conversation in The Tenth Line about how women who assert their boundaries are unreasonable, ahem, dogs. His whole introduction made me really uncomfortable. (Also, I thought everyone was like, chemically castrated or something? How is it even possible for him to sexually attracted to Marie?)
Dragon Quill's admin has posted the first part of my I Miss the Sunrise review a bit earlier than I expected. Here's the link if anyone's interested. I have a good feeling about this one!
Whee triple posting because no one talks here anymore

Sorry to bug you again, but I just started Episode 4 and noticed Lagarto is no longer in his cell (I planned to leave him hanging and see if anything happened in Episode 5). Am I permanently locked out of that choice, or does he come back later?
doesn't live here anymore
Oh wow, somehow I missed all those posts. Must have happened during a torrent of notifications from an event.

I do believe Lagarto automatically gets shipped out after Episode 3. He has a special (but brief) interaction if he's forced to share a cell with Daszk, but I believe that's it.

The only character who gets a special cameo in Episode 5 is
Chac, if he was never recruited.
So if the player doesn't do anything with him before ep 4, they lose out on that choice for good? D: That's pretty harsh, especially since there's no warning for it! I guess you weren't expecting players to leave him hanging for that long. Ah well, I didn't get too far before I noticed that, so I'll just release him on my ep 3 file and continue from there.

(Personally, I felt like the most moral option would be to wait until the war breaks out to let him go -- before then, he could go right back to piracy and be a deadly threat to the people the Inquiry is trying to save, but by that point he's a drop in the bucket and will have his own problems to keep him busy.)
At the end of everything, hold on to anything.
(Comment on AOOO and not here if you can please I have invites if anyone needs them)

My review series has concluded. An RMN review should follow shortly.

Despite my cantankerousness, I do want to say: thank you for making this game. It was genuinely fun and you clearly put a lot of effort into all the beautiful unique assets, which is more than can be said for a lot of RPG Maker games. Analyzing it has given me a lot to think about regarding writing, characterization, and science fiction, which is part of why it got me into writing fanfic again. I had hoped there would be more depth to it, but maybe that's me judging it as something it was never intended to be.

Good luck on The Tenth Line! (And How Far, I hope!)
doesn't live here anymore
Thanks, and congratulations! Best wishes on your resurrected hobby! I never consciously thought about creating a source of inspiration, so this is a nice surprise!

Fortunately, my next game is entirely self-contained, with no half-baked sequel hooks and a (relatively) small cast, so it's an entirely new frontier for me.
This is how Sunrider game should have been. Not what they have right now. :(