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"Where were you when the universe ended?"

I Miss the Sunrise is an all-new prequel to 2009's The Reconstruction. Featuring strategic battles, player-created weapons, and unique gameplay around every turn, I Miss the Sunrise is an RPG experience like no other. The full game is available as of July 22nd, 2012.

Version 1.51 released August 12th, 2012.

-No typical HP & MP drudgery. Instead, all battlers have Hull, Systems, and Pilot ratings that serve as both health and fuel for weapons. Reducing any of them to 0 means defeat, so spacefarers beware!
-Create your own pilot. Give 'em a name, then choose your gender, race, and customized personality, all of which determine how you interact with other denizens of the universe.
-Get to know your allies better through dialog interaction and performance in battle. But be careful: some allies may be less receptive to your chosen personality.
-Assemble your own weapons. Use salvaged components to customize and outfit your own weapons, name them whatever you want, and use their blueprint codes to share your creations with other players!
-Fast-paced, strategic turn-based battles reward careful positioning and targeting over brute force. Exploit your enemies' vulnerabilities while covering your own!
-Random exploration maps let you take part in battles and exploration any time you please.
-Customizeable AI lets you determine just how ruthless the enemy can be.

TV Tropes page available here! Spoilers ahoy!

Unofficial Wiki available here! Spoilers here too!

New! Fanfiction!: 1 | 2 (Spoilers, of course!)

Latest Blog

Out with the Old

Happy Nauruan Independence Day, everybody!

For anyone still watching, I've expunged my old site in order to concentrate on my new one (Sungazer Software) full time. Plus, I had a lot of insane rambling from 2009 or so that I didn't want hanging around, so it had to go.

If there were any posts you absolutely cannot live without, or if you object loudly enough, then I could be goaded into having a "greatest hits" archive left intact somewhere. Swayed, even. Until then, though, consider any links to Tilde-One.com to be defunct. (Actually they'll just redirect to the new front page.)

Good night, and keep watching the skis! Uh, skies.


I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Lacertians + shades = infinite cuteness
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Oh, that's the missing font! Alright, thank you very much!
doesn't live here anymore
I am glad to hear it! Except it looks like your computer doesn't have the "Impact" font installed, which I didn't know was possible! You should see if you can download and install it for the full effect.

(Impact haters, begone)
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
This is now my favorite RPG Maker game ever.

This game is pretty amazing. I love making your own custom weapons.
doesn't live here anymore
I forgot to ask if you were trying it in Splice 0 (merits do not trigger there), but I think I figured it out. I was using a temporary variable to track the damage type to cause the merit to trigger, and at some point I must have rearranged the order of events and it blew away that value. It's definitely fixed now!

(Edit) Of course if Love Tap worked, then that's irrelephant!
Yes, it was a Hull attack. At least I did get the Love Tap merit on the next attack -- that works properly, at least.
doesn't live here anymore
Hmm, good to know. Was it a Hull attack? It should be 100. I'll add it to the list!
By the way, the "By A Thread" merit doesn't trigger. At least not when health is less than 100. I had 55 Hull points left, an attack missed, and nothing happened. Is the cutoff point 50?
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Golly I neglected this game for a while.

18 hours on my save file and still only chapter 1? :O
doesn't live here anymore
Actually, it's used for something else entirely!

The song itself should be the same, except MP3 rather than OGG.
Somewhat offtopic, but:

Oho, so that's what you meant when you said the final boss music will be "special". Very intriguing indeed.

(Also, is it exactly the same, or is it slightly remixed? I think there was another beat layer that wasn't there before, but that could just be my memory playing tricks on me.)
You know what? That makes a LOT of sense.
Thank you for answering. :D

doesn't live here anymore
He is, but

he plays for the other team, so to speak.

C'est la vie.
It's me again, with more romantic trouble! (I was really thinking of writing this post as if it were a "Dear Abby" letter, but I don't know Deltree that well. His avatar has a gun. I'm easily intimidated.)
So! My problem!

Is Mahk romanceable? I've got him at 250 trust (personal and battle). He's at rank 18 right now. I've recruited Ivoronus and raised him up to personal trust 250 (battle will take me more time, I guess)
I've run out of story for episode 4, and I've got no clue of what I'm supposed to do. His dialogue right now says he "appreciates (Ouranos') company, and that he hopes (Ouranos') does the same."
I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's so high maintenance that I have to be level 20 or something. XD

So, Deltree...or Argh...or anybody reading this. Could you help a gamer out? ^^
doesn't live here anymore
Y'all are silly.

I'm glad you're liking it! As I recall, you did some keen fanart for the last game, so you are already well within the realm of fan-ism. Sorry you're having technical issues; I've had a very small (like one or two) people having similar issues in Windows 7. I don't know if that's a contributing factor (I am running Windows 7 too), or maybe the program's running out of memory (which is why a restart fixes it), but do let me know if you notice any common trend or pattern to the hang-ups.

Dehl is not a lady, although in retrospect that would have been a neat twist (it's not like anyone knows what the females look like anyway). Jossing ITT.
No, I haven't had any option to profess (Ouranos') feelings
to Chac
or anyone. I didn't even know it was a possibility until I read your wiki. You sunk a ship I didn't know could sail. Some ship sinker you are. So I'll try to be strong and not read this spoiler. XD

Of course, I'm staying away from your wiki now because I don't want to know if my second choice would also reject my poor, unloved main character. It'd serve her right, because he's her second choice, and it would totally fit his character to be very passive agressive about it. "Oh, NOW I'm worthy of your attention?"

Deltree, my deepest apologies. A good game attracts all kinds of fandom, and sometimes fangirling happens? XD
I'm an even bigger fangirl of the Reconstruction, if that is some consolation. Though I guess it isn't. XD
(Everyone! Open your eyes! DEHL IS FEMALE! -why, yes, this is a tinfoil hat I'm wearing, why do you ask?
Oh, you read the wiki? Good to know that it's spoiling at least one person silly, I was worried no one read it! :p Oh, and that reminds me... (don't read this if you haven't already tried to profess feelings to him)

To be honest, I actually like the reason for why he turns you down. So many stories (and dating sims) have the tragic widow/widower abandoning their first love so they can be with the main character. I find it to be pretty protagonist-centered and quite unrealistic, so I actually did like the fact that Chac chooses to be faithful to his wife, even if she is no longer with him. Also scores Deltree a feminist point, since the widower forgetting his wife is the most common of the two variations, I find.

I'm completely aromantic and don't care about any of the romance options, though, so maybe I'm just biased. :p
I'm a big fan of this game so far. I love the stories and the characters involved. I really don't want to say too much until the game is over.
I wanted to say that I'm having problems playing episode 4, as it often causes my computer to freeze. This never happened with the previous chapters, but it's happening a lot with this one. (Nowhere in particular. I try to talk with Makh, the game freezes. Marie tries to explain the first mission, the game freezes...)
When I reset the computer and start again I can usually play through those scenes with no worries. I apologize for how vague this sounds, but it's what happening right now. O_o

Thank you very much for making this game and sharing it with us.
In the very little progress I've made in episode 4 (downloaded it yesterday) I advanced enough to be SERIOUSLY WORRIED about Chac. It's bad enough that I've spoiled myyself silly through the wiki and know he won't return Roxita Ouranos` feelings. I'll survive that. But if he deletes his memories like I think he just hinted he'll do, I`LL CRY SO HARD, AND THOSE WON'T BE HAPPY TEARS T_T. Break my heart, but don't step all over it, deltree!!!

doesn't live here anymore
Thanks for reading! I might remove the login requirement on the wiki, or else put the password right on the front page. I edited the .htaccess to block a bunch of spambot-heavy countries (they frequently hit my contact forms and a couple of commercial sites I host out of the same server (yes it's bad practice but I'm cheap okay)) and I am cautiously optimistic that it's working.
New Makin' It Up! :D Very vague descriptions you got there. You sure know how to build intrigue. I'm quite curious as to how multiple endings will be possible, though, given that this is a prequel. I suppose we will see!

Also, even though I normally hate rougelikes, I must say that I am very excited for The Drop. It sounds quite original -- I like the concept of stealth and varied environmental-based tactics.

(Unfortunate that the wiki still isn't getting much activity, though. I was hoping that the new release might amass some new editors, but no dice it seems.)