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In I Miss the Sunrise, the player is able to create weaponry from salvaged materials obtained from defeated enemies, looted caches, and mission rewards. By combining the correct components, powerful weapons of many different types can be created for use by the player's fleet to give a leg-up in battle.

Weapons in I Miss the Sunrise come in many varieties. The main attributes of a weapon are its Shell, Property, Type, and optionally, an Added Effect.

Shells: The delivery method of the weapon's payload. Auroral (A-Type) weapons are energy weapons, with high range and accuracy but low power. Ballistic (B-Type) weapons deliver physical payloads, and have moderate range, accuracy, and power. Contact (C-Type) weapons involve a direct craft-to-craft attack, and have low range and accuracy but high power. Extension (X-Type) weapons are not weapons at all, but provide a passive boost, such as resistance to a certain property/type or a stat boost.

Property: The "element" of the attack. There are six different properties possible: Thermal, Electrical, Kinetic, Pulse, Luminous, and Chemical. A-Type weapons cannot take on Kinetic or Chemical properties. B-type weapons cannot take on Thermal or Electrical properties. C-type weapons cannot take on Pulse or Luminous properties.

Type: The damage type of the attack. A weapon type may attack the target's Hull, Systems, or Pilot health.

Together, a property + type combination (such as Thermal/Hull) may either do critical damage or be resisted by the target. It is up to the player to learn which enemies are vulnerable to which property/type attacks.

Added Effect: Optional. On weapons, they can either add a status effect randomly upon a successful attack, or enhance the weapon's effectiveness, such as adding more accuracy. On Extension shells, "Boost" type added effects will add stats directly to the pilot equipping the weapon.

Note that each weapon also has an AP cost (the amount of AP consumed to attack once with this weapon) and a Health Cost. Health Cost is either Hull, Systems, or Pilot, and consumes the user's health by that amount each time the weapon is used.

Creating a weapon is simple. After completing the first story mission, the player is able to use gathered components to create weapons for a small monetary cost. The higher the Quality of the components, the more effective the resulting weapon will be. A weapon must have exactly one shell, property, and type to be created (a nearby merchant sells low-quality components to fill in the gaps if needed). The player is also given the opportunity to rename the newly created weapon once it is confirmed.

After a weapon is created, the player is provided with a Blueprint Code, which can be exported to a text file. This code can be used to create a copy of the weapon, for a price. This means that a custom weapon can be shared with other players if desired. Be careful when entering a code - remember that it is case-sensitive.


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hey maybe we could start a database of our custom weapons' blueprint codes? we could just post them here or something. would be a fun little community project of sharing.
doesn't live here anymore
There's a bug right now (shocker!!!) where it's not correctly encoding added effects, but that will be fixed in the next version, so after that I'd say go for it.
That sounds like a great idea, Mellytan! I always love deciphering codes and whatnot. Maybe if we're really lucky, we can crack the code and forge our own weapons with nothing but money! (Though apparently, the monetary cost may be an actual issue in future chapters, since Deltree said on his blog that he's upping the cost for making weapons.)
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