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Episode 1 Now Available!

  • Deltree
  • 04/07/2011 11:40 PM
I Miss the Sunrise: Episode One is now available for download. Here is a brief list of the new features:

-New content: more missions, characters, random map splices, weapon components, sidequests, and personal interactions.
-Rooms on the Inquiry are now labeled.
-You can now divide your allies into fleets.
-The speed of the cursor in battle can now be adjusted.
-Accuracy on all player attacks has been slightly boosted.
-Bounty hunt mode is available after completing the main story missions.
-The player can now acquire merits for certain achievements and milestones.

As always, bug reports/feedback/comments are encouraged. However, I will be out of town until April 10th, 2011, so I can't guarantee a response right away.


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Even though I'm really busy I'm sure I will somehow find an excuse to play this, haha...
Congrats on the release!
My weekend is now full.
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