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Episode Two - Now Available!

  • Deltree
  • 07/29/2011 12:33 AM
Hello early birds! I know the release date is officially tomorrow, but you can get it right now from the download link! And if it's already tomorrow where you are, then please disregard the previous sentence!

What's new in Episode Two:
-New missions, splices, enemies, weapons, components, music - all that good stuff!
-New explorable locations!
-Three new characters!
-Your friends will now give you gifts when you reach certain trust milestones!
-Four new bounty hunts!
-Tough decisions to be made that will alter your pilot's very personality!
-The double-tap bug when confirming a weapon has been fixed.
-Tweaked accuracy and damage for A- and B- type crafted weapons. (Note: not retroactive).
-Bug fixes in Episodes Zero and One.

Download it today! (Or yesterday!)


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The awesomeness. The sheer awesomeness. I'm downloading this right now, although I probably won't be able to play it before mid-august ; I'll try to update my review as soon as I do !

Just for a rough idea : how long is episode two, according to the playtests ?
doesn't live here anymore
Longer than the first, for sure. A couple more missions than in Episode One and several more bounty hunts if you're in to those.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Are save games from the last beta version transferable to this one?
doesn't live here anymore
Sure! Shouldn't be any problem.
This looks neat. Downloading to give it a spin tomorrow.
Okay, I couldn't resist playing it seven or eight hours straight, and here I am. That was just as good as I hoped ! And like I said in the review, I look very much forward to the moment the plotlines start converging. How many episodes have you planned, actually ?

I did some minor updates to my review (which was written very late and somewhat jumbled in the first place), but mainly my opinion hasn't changed much, except for one thing : some musical themes really stuck with me this time, especially Jessamine's. I must have a thing for Lacertians, as right now my three favourite characters are Tezkhra, Chac and Jazz.

I would really appreciate if other people added their reviews to mine, as a single, 4.5 stars review from a total nobody looks almost as bad as no review at all, yet this game deserves so much more recognition than it has right now.
Phew I still haven't gotten to EP 2 in the beta since I've been busy ;-; still exploring splices. very excited to get into EP 2's story, though! Grats on another release!! :)
doesn't live here anymore
Five episodes planned, plus post-game bonus content and an alternate ending!
So to understand, previous episodes are still in the ep2 dl, for those who haven't played them yet?
doesn't live here anymore
Yep, the download is all-inclusive. Wait 'til tonight or tomorrow if you can, though - I'm uploading a new version this evening with a few niceties added.
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