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Episode 2 Version 1.22 Now Available!

  • Deltree
  • 08/05/2011 12:13 AM
Version 1.22 of Episode 2 is now available! Here's what's new:

-Adjusted the damage on bounty hunt bosses to scale more sensibly.
-You can now hold CTRL to fast forward through dialog boxes. Note that this won't skip input choices or cutscene events.
-Battle log is now available from the Tutorials menu. In new games, it is unlocked when the Merits list is unlocked in Episode 1.
-Minor typo fixes.
-Adjusted capsule node rewards to be more in line with regular drops.
-Targeting lines won't appear if the opposing combatants are close together.
-You now receive a notification if no one ranked-up if "Show Rank Ups Only" is chosen after a mission.
-Fleet markers on the map for The Tunneler are closer to the node they're on to help with navigating the tight node cluster.
-Fixed a hang-up that can happen when you lose the fight with The Tunneler.

No major fixes; just a few new features and balance tweaks. Download at your discretion.