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Episode 3 - Now Available!

  • Deltree
  • 11/22/2011 11:13 PM
Episode 3: "And Yet It Moves" is now up for download! Note that it's being hosted offsite since it's over the size limit, so don't panic.

What's new in Episode 3:

-More missions, Splices, enemies, components, music, explorable locations, etc.!
-New and improved Expert difficulty! On this difficulty, enemies will attack multiple times per turn. Not for the faint of heart!
-Three new playable characters (one story, two hidden).
-Three new bounty hunts.
-For Episode 3 and onward in the story: Enemy weapons have powered up and gained random added effects.
-A black market for buying high level components for ridiculous prices can be found starting in Episode 3.
-There is now a console on Ring-0 and in the Machinatorium that will unequip all non-primary weapons for all allies.
-The price for crafting a weapon has changed. The cost is now 1000 * the final Quality for building one from components.
-Crafting a weapon from a blueprint code now costs 5000 * the final Quality.
-Weapon crafting will now correctly encode the added effect into a weapon's blueprint code.
-Chac's final weapon upgrade will now trigger correctly.
-Zone of Control and Chain counts have a slightly greater effect on damage and accuracy.
-Rami's occasional bouts of extreme chattiness should be curbed now.
-Fixed a crash bug that could occur when using the AUG's "Scanner" ability.
-Inflicting exactly 1000 damage should no longer cause a glitch in the number display.
-Ros' leader bonus has been toned down to always be AP +1 no matter the Rank
-The Merit "The Eye" has been changed to trigger when obtaining weakness data on 50 enemies instead of using Scanner 50 times.
-The Merit "Backstabbed" has been reduced from 50 incidents to 20.

Have fun, space cadets!


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aye aye capn

Grats on another release!! pop the bubbly

-Rami's occasional bouts of extreme chattiness should be curbed now.

Hooray! :D Are there any new bug fixes from the last beta build, or do we beta testers not have to download anything new?

By the way, a heads up, everyone: You might want to steer clear of the TV Tropes page until you're finished with the episode. I (and possibly the other beta testers) will be updating it with spoiler-tastic episode 3 information in the days to come.
doesn't live here anymore
Nah, nothing major. I don't think there was anyway. I suppose time will tell on that.
Excellent. One question though: why do you always have a setup file for download? I mean, XP games can just be unextracted and then you double-click "GAME." Not that hard or annoying.
doesn't live here anymore
To look mildly professional
It's professional to add additional steps to the "just let me play the game" process?
i personally enjoy deltree's repeated attempts to spring the game on you in the last screen of the installer. that wascally wabbit
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