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Version 1.51 Now Available!

  • Deltree
  • 08/12/2012 06:59 PM
A small update to the game is now available. This is a very minor update, so download at your own discretion. Here's what's changed:

-Fixed a multitude of typos and a few mapping errors.
-Fixed an issue where the "AP Boost++" added effect was giving a bonus of RT+1 instead of AP+3. NOTE: This is NOT retroactive; the component itself will be fixed, but if you already made it into a weapon, it's stuck that way. Sorry about this.
-In the post-game Splice, you will no longer collect messages once you've seen them all. To trigger this effect, you will have to see the final message one last time.
-Rami's final personal interaction now gives a Personal Trust boost like the others do.
-The cap on weapon damage and accuracy when multiplied by pilot skill has been softened. The hard cap is still 900 damage in one shot, but higher-damage weapons will now reach this cap more easily against high-defense foes. Note, this goes both ways!


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Will try this during my school holiday. :D
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