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Minor Update - 1.31 Available

A new version is up with a few minor changes. Download at your discretion.

Update notes:

-Emitter chambers should now show up more often as random loot.
-The added effect merchant in the Hole & Corner Market should no longer occasionally refuse to talk to you.
-Fixed a repeated Typelog fragment in "Splices 6/7." It should now be archived correctly.
-The "Splices 8/9" fragment archive is no longer accessible. It will properly return in Episode 4.
-Some crafted weapons' generated names have been tweaked to lower the chance of being truncated. (Not retroactive, obviously.)
-Weapons with Pulse/Hull traits (such as Neff's primary weapon) should no longer randomly be resisted by "Neutral" targets.
-Slightly boosted the added effects granted to enemy weapons in Episode 3.


Episode 3 - Now Available!

Episode 3: "And Yet It Moves" is now up for download! Note that it's being hosted offsite since it's over the size limit, so don't panic.

What's new in Episode 3:

-More missions, Splices, enemies, components, music, explorable locations, etc.!
-New and improved Expert difficulty! On this difficulty, enemies will attack multiple times per turn. Not for the faint of heart!
-Three new playable characters (one story, two hidden).
-Three new bounty hunts.
-For Episode 3 and onward in the story: Enemy weapons have powered up and gained random added effects.
-A black market for buying high level components for ridiculous prices can be found starting in Episode 3.
-There is now a console on Ring-0 and in the Machinatorium that will unequip all non-primary weapons for all allies.
-The price for crafting a weapon has changed. The cost is now 1000 * the final Quality for building one from components.
-Crafting a weapon from a blueprint code now costs 5000 * the final Quality.
-Weapon crafting will now correctly encode the added effect into a weapon's blueprint code.
-Chac's final weapon upgrade will now trigger correctly.
-Zone of Control and Chain counts have a slightly greater effect on damage and accuracy.
-Rami's occasional bouts of extreme chattiness should be curbed now.
-Fixed a crash bug that could occur when using the AUG's "Scanner" ability.
-Inflicting exactly 1000 damage should no longer cause a glitch in the number display.
-Ros' leader bonus has been toned down to always be AP +1 no matter the Rank
-The Merit "The Eye" has been changed to trigger when obtaining weakness data on 50 enemies instead of using Scanner 50 times.
-The Merit "Backstabbed" has been reduced from 50 incidents to 20.

Have fun, space cadets!


Episode 3 - Testers Wanted!

Good morning starshine! I'm looking for a half dozen or so willing testers to try out the beta of Episode 3 as soon as it's done (which should be by next Friday because I'm totally not sidetracked by Uncharted 3 right now). If you have a few hours to spare between November 11th and 22nd, let me know!

Gimmicky prizes may be awarded; we'll see!


Version 1.24 - Minor Update

Yet another update to Episode Two is now available - just a few minor fixes and balance tweaks, though, so download at your discretion.

-Fixed a bug with Deirdre's weapon upgrade quest not starting.
-Many typos fixed.
-Q7 components should now appear more evenly in the higher Splices.
-High-level crafted weapons will no longer cost additional AP to use. (Note: NOT retroactive).
-Repeated Typelog text fragments will occur less often.
-Typelog text fragments should show up a little more often.
-Accuracy is now increased on attacks where the target is vulnerable. Accuracy all around has been increased slightly.


Version 1.23 Now Available!

A patch to fix several critical bugs is now available, and a whole bunch of enhancements that I was hoping to save until Episode 3 will be included. Maybe it's for the better, though! Here's what's new in version 1.23:

-You can now collect Typelog text data found during random Splice missions. These can be reviewed from the main menu.
-Leader bonuses are in effect! Each character will grant a certain bonus to all allies in the fleet if he or she is leader. This effect is amplified at higher Ranks.
-The info ticker at the bottom of the battle screen is now bigger and easier to read. In addition, fleet leader bonuses will show up in parentheses.
-Most mission and all random Splice maps now have decidedly less plain battle backgrounds.
-"Fog" that obscures nodes on certain maps is now more varied and better fitting with less accidental overlap.
-There is now a short cutscene closing out the end of Episode 2.
-Removed the "Quit to Title" menu option that was causing map graphics to be permanently stuck on the screen.
-Weapon codes that would produce X-Type items will no longer crash the game.
-Getting a character to Rank 9 will no longer crash the game.
-Chac's recruitment quest should now be finishable past Episode 1.


Episode 2 Version 1.22 Now Available!

Version 1.22 of Episode 2 is now available! Here's what's new:

-Adjusted the damage on bounty hunt bosses to scale more sensibly.
-You can now hold CTRL to fast forward through dialog boxes. Note that this won't skip input choices or cutscene events.
-Battle log is now available from the Tutorials menu. In new games, it is unlocked when the Merits list is unlocked in Episode 1.
-Minor typo fixes.
-Adjusted capsule node rewards to be more in line with regular drops.
-Targeting lines won't appear if the opposing combatants are close together.
-You now receive a notification if no one ranked-up if "Show Rank Ups Only" is chosen after a mission.
-Fleet markers on the map for The Tunneler are closer to the node they're on to help with navigating the tight node cluster.
-Fixed a hang-up that can happen when you lose the fight with The Tunneler.

No major fixes; just a few new features and balance tweaks. Download at your discretion.


Episode 2 Version 1.21 Released

Version 1.21 is now available. It fixes a couple of (rather prominent) bugs:

-Fixed a crash bug when engaging a certain fleet in the first bounty hunt.
-Fixed Deirdre's conversations and a couple of other minor things.

Also, don't forget to check out the TV Tropes page (note: spoilers abound) if you so desire!


Episode Two - Now Available!

Hello early birds! I know the release date is officially tomorrow, but you can get it right now from the download link! And if it's already tomorrow where you are, then please disregard the previous sentence!

What's new in Episode Two:
-New missions, splices, enemies, weapons, components, music - all that good stuff!
-New explorable locations!
-Three new characters!
-Your friends will now give you gifts when you reach certain trust milestones!
-Four new bounty hunts!
-Tough decisions to be made that will alter your pilot's very personality!
-The double-tap bug when confirming a weapon has been fixed.
-Tweaked accuracy and damage for A- and B- type crafted weapons. (Note: not retroactive).
-Bug fixes in Episodes Zero and One.

Download it today! (Or yesterday!)


Seeking Testers!

Greetings, space cadets!

I'm looking for a half-dozen or so folks who are willing to play through Episode Two in the coming weeks and nitpick it to death before its eventual public release on July 29th. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll give you a download link to the beta.

For your trouble, I'll even name a weapon after you.


Version 1.12 Now Available

I've updated the download of Episode One to version 1.12. This fixes a few otherwise bothersome bugs, including getting a blank map when entering a map code, and a game freeze when triggering one of Rami's personal events. Thanks for your patience, and as always, keep the feedback coming.

SUPER NINJA EDIT POWERS: Updated again with a fix for Chac's sidequest. If you didn't update before, you probably should now. Thanks!
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