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I've been notified that there is a bug you may occasionally encounter starting in Episode One. If you talk to an NPC and the game seems to "freeze" up, try pressing Enter several more times until a dialog box appears or you can move again. It seems on rare occasions the events can lose track of the X and Y positions of the dialog windows, so they'll actually be displayed somewhere off-screen. So, if the game seems to lock up after you talk to someone, try that! And let me know about it! It shouldn't be a common occurrence, so I won't be posting a fixed update for every instance (especially since I am already working on content for the next episode and separating the two has proven to be somewhat of a mess).



Episode 1 Version 1.11 Available

A patch to bring Episode One up to the newest version is now available. Here is what's changed:

-There was a bug where viewing the ending scene would lock the player out of some of the content and cause general weirdness.

To Install:

Extract the file GAME.RGSS2 into the directory where I Miss the Sunrise was installed, usually C:\Program Files\IMTS. On 64-bit systems, it is usually installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\IMTS.


Episode 1 Now Available!

I Miss the Sunrise: Episode One is now available for download. Here is a brief list of the new features:

-New content: more missions, characters, random map splices, weapon components, sidequests, and personal interactions.
-Rooms on the Inquiry are now labeled.
-You can now divide your allies into fleets.
-The speed of the cursor in battle can now be adjusted.
-Accuracy on all player attacks has been slightly boosted.
-Bounty hunt mode is available after completing the main story missions.
-The player can now acquire merits for certain achievements and milestones.

As always, bug reports/feedback/comments are encouraged. However, I will be out of town until April 10th, 2011, so I can't guarantee a response right away.


Episode 1 Tentative Release Date

Hey there sports fans,

I'm wrapping up the last story mission in Episode 1 now, and barring a bit of polishing and testing, it might be available for download as early as April 8th. Here's what to expect in the next installment:

-New story missions, side quests, and random map splices.
-Three new characters to recruit.
-The ability to divide up your allies into fleets.
-New weapon components and code fragments.
-A thing that lets you adjust the cursor's speed in battle (yes, really!)
-Labels above the doors in the Inquiry! Why didn't I think of it before? Who knows!
-New exploration gimmicks like environmental hazards, fog of war, and patrolling enemy fleets.
-Bug fixes, general streamlining, and other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by!


Version 1.01 Now Available

Version 1.01 of I Miss the Sunrise Episode Zero is now available, and includes a small gameplay change. In battle, the rearmost rows marked in green are now "healing" zones - units that end the Phase in one of these zones will have their Hull/Systems/Pilot Restoration rates tripled; note, though, that this goes for allies and enemies both, and zone of control/weapon range penalties still apply. This should hopefully alleviate "stalemate" situations that may come up.

This is not a major update, so there's no need to re-download the whole thing if you already have it.
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