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Episode Zero: All Good Things walkthrough

I was splitted the walkthrough, because Flash player eats lot of RAM.

Episode Zero: All Good Things

First, create a character, so that set up Racial Classification, Gender Classification, Name, Mentality, Temperament and Behavior how you want. You havenĀ“t born, so watch a cut scene. You will get to the situations, where you have choices what to do. Selecting a choice influences your personality. Marie sends you for Commander Sorenson. Go to center of area with tiles and pipes oposite each other. You are scanned. You have to go for Tez. You have to go to COM -1; Ring 0.

Watch a cut scene. In here you gather some information about mission.

First mission is: An Agreement of Terms. You are in a map. You can move about one point or can analyze it, so you can find useful items for weapon creation. On some points are enemies. You can find ruins here too.

Find drawers with items. Your team do not need you now, so their put you back to the jar. Chapter Zero ends.


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