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Characters Recruitment

In distress call in chapter 1 you get coordinates.

You need this items: Scrap Carboderm, Narrow Frame, Intact Hydraulic. You can find them in random maps.

Find 4 Data Fragments and assemble coordinates.

After Second Mission in Episode 2 talk to Mr. Right and Mr. Left and pay 25000.

In end of optional mission the Cryocarrier you get EROS Card L4. Go to EROS Abandoned Databanks and go to computer with choices Terraform Neccesary and Unnecessary. Chose Terraform Unnecessary and follow these coordinates: 0772108. Now you are in Surface, find computer and etnter password 4188.

You must have recruited all other recruitable characters.

More characters will be addete soon...


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Oh, very nice! The wiki already lists recruitment sidequests, but this will be helpful too I'm sure!
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