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No, no. No skills. (!)

After getting dissappointed with rm2k's battle events more and more, I decided to ditch out completely the skills from this game. Theyre gonna be implemented in Project Rose. Later. Probably by 2012 ROFL
So, no skills. You can't do buth with these battle events. I thought they were pretty much the same as rm2k3's ones. (I didn't know how to properly customize the DBS when I used 2k. Maybe I still don't know ROFL but whatever, I'll do my best.)

Custom levelling successfully implemented for Larselle. Just a matter of copypaste for Purun.
Formula: Exp for next level (immediately calculated after changing level)
Wich means this is very very random. The initial exp for Larselle even ranges from 18 to 22! I like that random flavor. Stat growth is also a somewhat randomized. (and there are many forms of stat-growth on level ups, pretty much a FFTesque stat system) Do you think this is a good formula? Do I need to change? I find this fun... And you're able to expend exp in other things, rather than LvUps.


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Wait, so why are you using 2k and not 2k3 again? Just for the battle system?
For the battle system and for challenging me to do something simple. And for the resolution. And also for the big-sized char hack, tough I scrapped the big sprites as they looked ugly. And for ease of design. I really want this game to be simple. Altough I'm ALWAYS complicating things!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I love RM2k for all the reasons you listed!
So simple and stylish, imo.
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