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In 1374 Regimir, home to Duke Lingoth, is threatening to secede from the country of Maridan. Because Duke Lingoth is afflicted with a mysterious disease, he handed over the reins of the city to his eldest daughter, Xune, a self-proclaimed priestess of the Old Religion. She wants to turn Regimir into a holy city, and has the support of its people. However, for reasons of their own, King Vor of Maridan and High Priest Priam of the Divine Church of Cytherea are intent on preventing her from doing so. In spite of the growing opposition, Xune is confident a resolution will be met once she brings King Vor what he thought he'd lost a long time ago - his eldest son. But this resurrection of sorts will act an overture to an even greater revelation.

This game will follow the story of two characters - Fiona, Commander of the Maridan Knights, and Lyanna, a meager young woman with a streak a bad luck. You get the choice to begin the game following either of them. Each one will encounter different people, and experience different events until their stories become one.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE DEMO: Disregard the tutorial; it crashes the game!

Latest Blog

Extended Demo

I know it's not a full release, but at least it's something. The current demo is outdated, with a lot of errors and spelling mistakes, so while working Raciela, I've extended the demo. If you saved at the end of the previous demo, that save should work (it did for me), otherwise there's a save file right before the ghost ship for those who don't want to play from the beginning. I've played through it, and experienced no missing files or game-breaking errors, but I did the same thing the last time. So, if there are any errors let me know in this blog post and I'll fix them A.S.A.P. And I'm mostly too lazy to include some RTP files I used (some battle animations), So you will need RTP installed to play.

Also, if anyone experiences a decrease in walk speed, save and it will return to normal.
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Looks great, downloading right now.
Just played this a bit. It was pretty good. I liked the way it told the story. There were some spelling mistakes and odd passibility in a few places. Graphics were fine. By the time I finished the first battle I was left half dead and poisoned and at this point I only had 2 revives and 1 character that heals himself. It took like 8 hits of a normal attack to kill a first encounter enemy which seems a little high. The skill takes them out in 1 shot but once I run out of MP what then? I didn't see any kind of inn or any way to heal myself at all. I quit after my first battle because it felt like it would be waaaay too much of a struggle just to get through the first area. And this is just a demo so maybe I'll give it another play in the future.
Yeah, the first battle is pretty hard (my first battle I kept missing the enemy) but after that it gets a bit better - you should go up a level pretty quickly and that's when things get a bit easier. Where the broken bridge is there's a salesman that you can buy healing items from - sell the dropped items to him for money.
Ok, well I decided to try again. It didn't go so well u.u

My experience:

I had a save from the first time you hit the world map. So instead of going to some place and getting 2 revives then going to the broken bridge, I decided to go back to the first town. I saw some treasure there and maybe the monsters will be less powerful ones. I think they were, so that's good, they took only 3 hits(the scorpions). I went and found the armor, sold my old armor and enemy parts and was able to buy potions and antidotes. I farmed the first monster spawn until I leveled so I would be close to town if I had to retreat. Well, I got my first level and when I was looking at the screen for character development(with the stat meters) I got an event reference error message and it crashed.

I really like the story and presentation of this game, but the battle balance makes me not want to continue. I know it's level 1 and only a demo, but it's too much of a struggle early on. I'm not so involved with the story yet that I will force myself to continue. Also, I seemed to randomly get 3 mp, what's that about? Where's the inn/healing spot? With no way to heal MP it turns into a attack spamfest, on top of the fact there is usually 3 enemies so I'm taking heavy damage and I have to fall back on healing items. I would like to see at least a healing spot if I'm expected to grind through this.

The NPC that talks about your "limit breaks" says that the meter is underneath the faceset but it's actually above. When I got the treasure chest in the upper left, I got a pill. Then as I was walking away I noticed that the treaure chest was closed again. So I opened it a second time and got armor, is this normal? Then the other treasure chest near the middle of the map next to the pond was opened, I could have swore when I first saw it as the girl it was closed but I could be wrong.

also, Sandoria!
hehe ffxi?
Hey, Link, Thanks for trying it out. As I said in my original blog post, I wanted it beta-tested before I released the demo (as I haven't touched it in two years), but I decided to release the demo anyway and let the beta-testing occur naturally. That said, I agree with everything you mentioned about the battles, and I'm glad you pointed out a few continuity errors I've overlooked. And I was certain I fixed that event reference error... Anyway, If I decide to continue this I'll definitely make sure the battles are more balanced.

And Sandoria is a coincidence, honestly! I just put "sand" in front of country Doria in Eternal Star. lol
Yeah... I was gonna add DON'T USE THE TUTORIAL to my last comment but figured that it might have been fixed. Apparently not. >.<
Sorry for not warning you! And I don't think you really need the tutorial at all - it's really pretty straight forward, though a small edit to let you know to press up or down to switch between characters would be a good idea.

That said, I never actually went back to the first town (I had meant to but kept putting it off) so I hadn't picked up the problems with those chests.
Hey, this looks good. Subscribed, and I'll give the demo a shot.
Nice! I'm really excited to play this. (The weekend is so close, yet so far...)
Hey. I'm really, REALLY interested in this project after playing the first 10-20 mins or so, but something is bugging me. The battles here are just horrendously difficult. It feels like I should either get some healing items in my inventory to start with, or I should regain MP after battle or just something.

I really wish you would help me out here, I want to play this, bad.
Ugh, I really wished I would've tested this out more myself. Anyway, if you backtrack to Juyo, you can get the chests you couldn't get as Lyanna. Also, in Juyo and the campsite in the Rocky Sands, you can use the Oasis to fully heal yourself. The battles start off hard, but once you upgrade your stats, they become easier. Speaking of upgrading stats, decline the tutorial when it pops up. It crashes the game for some people.
Thanks. I'll try grinding for a bit then.
My mind is full of fuck.
How do i open up menu?
My mind is full of fuck.
I am stuck in the parts where I am supposed to be bitten by some snakes, help me I don't know how to tell them apart:(
Devil's in the details
So, I like the looks and feel of this game and decided to download it a while ago. I didn't get further than the first town though, because I couldn't see anything through the heavy overlay and it really put me off. I could spot some nice mapping underneath it at times, but it was very frustrating I wasn't fully able to explore the town because the overlay was there all the time making navigating very unpleasant.
I completely played through the demo and must say that I was impressed with the presentation. Slave girl bought by mysterious warrior? I can dig that. Don't see that too often. Once I got a few levels under my belt (first few fights were HARD) the game opened up to be a fair level of coolness. Especially in how you control the stat growth--good call. Please continue with this as I want to see the game flush out!
@Alrubedo: I'm glad you liked it. Right now I'm working on the next demo which will include some of Fiona's story.
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