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In 1374 Regimir, home to Duke Lingoth, is threatening to secede from the country of Maridan. Because Duke Lingoth is afflicted with a mysterious disease, he handed over the reins of the city to his eldest daughter, Xune, a self-proclaimed priestess of the Old Religion. She wants to turn Regimir into a holy city, and has the support of its people. However, for reasons of their own, King Vor of Maridan and High Priest Priam of the Divine Church of Cytherea are intent on preventing her from doing so. In spite of the growing opposition, Xune is confident a resolution will be met once she brings King Vor what he thought he'd lost a long time ago - his eldest son. But this resurrection of sorts will act an overture to an even greater revelation.

This game will follow the story of two characters - Fiona, Commander of the Maridan Knights, and Lyanna, a meager young woman with a streak a bad luck. You get the choice to begin the game following either of them. Each one will encounter different people, and experience different events until their stories become one.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THE DEMO: Disregard the tutorial; it crashes the game!

Latest Blog

Extended Demo

I know it's not a full release, but at least it's something. The current demo is outdated, with a lot of errors and spelling mistakes, so while working Raciela, I've extended the demo. If you saved at the end of the previous demo, that save should work (it did for me), otherwise there's a save file right before the ghost ship for those who don't want to play from the beginning. I've played through it, and experienced no missing files or game-breaking errors, but I did the same thing the last time. So, if there are any errors let me know in this blog post and I'll fix them A.S.A.P. And I'm mostly too lazy to include some RTP files I used (some battle animations), So you will need RTP installed to play.

Also, if anyone experiences a decrease in walk speed, save and it will return to normal.
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  • 12/21/2010 04:46 AM
  • 01/14/2021 02:26 PM
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Dang, I'm getting a game crash upon jumping off the gangplank and entering the ghost ship for the first time. The screen goes black and the ship interior map doesn't load. Then, a (seemingly) infinite number of pop-up windows appear saying "Not implemented."
This is such a good game (story, stat customization, graphics, I could go on) and I really want to finish the demo!

Yeah, sorry about that; the ghost ship uses a .OGG file, so you need to install a codec pack from here: http://xiph.org/dshow/ to prevent the error. But I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.
Despite a few silly dialogues like when Lyanna and eye-patched guy, it's a lovely game. I'm looking forward to play a new version!
I cant find where to go to get the ruby needed to sneak into the guys palace.
The ruby is in the town beyond the eastern pass, but Basil tells you to go west for some reason.

Also, is there a healing point on the ghost ship? There doesn't seem to be one on the cargo ship.
What's the status on this? There hasn't been an update in quite some time.
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From what I believe Ultima is concentrating on his other game Raciela which I personally think is the better more interesting game. But I highly regard this game as one of the few great Rm2k3 games left being made today, as well as Raciela of course.

Both Ultimas games deserve more attention to be honest.
That's what I was expecting, yeah. I don't blame him, Raciela is definitely the more loved game. Personally however this is probably my favourite 2k3 game, and one of the only playable ones out there.

I should probably try Raciela. Don't know why I haven't yet.
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Would love an update on either of your games Ultima.
They're good gams so I doubt that would ever happen.

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Please tell me you're still making this haha.
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