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In 2020, the Soviet Union re-emerged, due to an economic crash in Russia, communist extremists captured the country. the new Soviet Union immediately began mass-producing nuclear weaponry, despite all pre-existing treaties. In response, the USA and several other powerful nations began making more and more nuclear arms, further increasing the debt all over the world. In 2031, the Soviet Union declared war on the USA, with China backing it. After years of fighting to a stalemate, in 2044, Russia launched the first bomb. It was swiftly shot out of the sky. Knowing that one country could never penetrate the USA with Nuclear arms, Russia, China, and North Korea launched hundreds of nukes simultaneously. The first nuke hit New York City. Many nukes were shot down, but many made it through. Knowing that there was no way to stop them all. the USA, the UK, and Canada all retaliated with nuclear bombs of there own. This went on for 6 hours while people rushed to bomb shelters. After the dust settled, the world was destroyed, with only a few places not hit by warheads, and most of the people left in bomb shelters. When they emerged, they found a new world, covered in radiation, destroyed by the people who made it
In 2127, the world had began to get back on its feet. Most of the Wasteland USA had fallen under 1 flag, the flag of the lone star. Few states remained independent, like Ohio, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. You can't remember who you are, or what you were doing before you were attacked by a group of thugs targeting Lone Star Republic officers. You were picked up by a supply runner and brought back to life by a doctor at Fort Erie, the LSR stronghold in Ohio. You find the information you need and set out to find these thugs, but learn of sinister plots to instigate full-out civil war
Custom menu system by Blizzard--CCoa's UMS, Ipod System by game_guy, item storage by game_guy, bestiary by cold, skill points spending system by albertfish, dynamic shopping by tidloc, dynamic quest log by caesar and tidloc---BlizzABS by Blizzard and Winkio

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The Wasteland Team

Just thought you should know that If you would like to help meh, let me know. There's a big old recruitment topic below, and I already got 2 mappers so I dont need anymore
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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This sounds cool!
I really love post-apocalyptic games, totally subscribin'.
I'm actually in the process of setting up one myself.

Also, get more screenshots please!
Guardian of the Description Thread
And here I was thinking somebody was going to do a remake (or rebuild) of the classic Wasteland. On closer inspection, this is probably not the case. Might keep an eye on this anyway.
Why thank you kind sir, More screenshots will arrive soon, my mappers are(not)hard at work!
I actually discovered that game myself, and thought about changing the title, but decided not to, since Wasteland is pretty underground by my guess.
If you wanted the details of why it was cancelled...voila:
UPDATE 13-47-2092
Shits gotta start back up, but I've began to look at this game in the long run. I have some exceptional resources at the moment to be sure, but not nearly enough or the right types. This game would require massive custom resources, the likes of which have to be purchased not handed out. Post-Apocalyptic modern tilesets and characters aren't as easy to come by as you might think. So, therefore, until further notice, I cancel this game, however, if anybody really cares, they can use all my ideas for there dark sinister desires. Maybe one day when I can buy people out I will resume this, but for now, It died. Thank you, Wasteland Team, for your efforts, even if they were in vain, I appreciate the work you put into it, even if it wasn't much
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