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Welcome to the world of Paper Cut.

You are Sketch Dude, a young, hip, cap-wearing coolkid that spends his days adventuring in a construction-paper world, armed only with his sweet skills and magical scissors.

Weird things are going down lately - seasons not changing, bad little dudes called "tears" are showing up, and people are just having problems all over - looks like it'll be up to you to figure things out!

NOTE: The demo up right now is the basic tutorial, production, graphics, music, and sounds are all still in the work.

Latest Blog

Demo Release

Recently we finished the early demo (a tutorial on the main engine and mechanics) - I've added it as the main download for this project.

Please try it out and leave feedback - we want to keep improving this for it's eventual full version, so any comments are helpful, we've already improved a lot from our original beta testers (thanks Solitayre, Silviera, narcodis!)


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This looks epic, Anaryu. @_@
This was very cool.

I noticed that object animiations are bit clunky and freeze up. For example I carried a square stone piece and then went into my inventory and created an object. Basically after I did that I could not throw the original stone piece away. The animation froze. In general the interaction with the objects were a bit meh. Well, the stencil and paper objects you create specifically. It could be me not being used to the game though.

What I did like was the physics on the movements. There was no sliding which is notrious for some platformers. The jumping height is a bit low but not really a problem. The running skill is easy to use.

Oh and the death animation could use some touch up. Falling into a pit with a barrel will show the barrel at the bottom of the screen with your character not visible.

Small bugs, but I generally like how it was done. I'm guessing this is like a tech demo but some variations on the maps would be cool and some enemies.

Wow, thanks! This is the exact kind of feedback and bug notes I was hoping to get!

When you say "object animations" do you mean the animations with the character and his interactions with objects?
1. Do the animations themselves feel off? Which were bad? (Picking up, Pushing, Throwing, Carrying)
2. Which interactions were really off?
- Was carrying okay?
- Did it feel bad when you threw or dropped and object?
- Did picking them up feel weird or seem off?
- Was pushing choppy or hard to use or took too long?
- Your thoughts?

I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I was wondering why this had 0 downloads, and then I tried to download it and got a server error. Ankylo fixed it :)
I was wondering why this had 0 downloads, and then I tried to download it and got a server error. Ankylo fixed it :)

Sweet, thanks! (To Ankylo especially!)
I bought scriblenaughts the same day I saw this.
a lot better than being a wapanese kiddo
please re-name it to paper cunt
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