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Spookland Spectacular

It is very difficult to know what to expect when it comes to games made for quick competitions. This game was made in 5 days, and although it is very basic, it works on a very fundamental level to provide a worthwhile experience. In many ways it reminds me of a lot of the games I'd love to play on my Windows 95 (and they still hold up to the test of time!)

This game does get difficult. I did not make it to the end the first time, because I got to an area where the difficulty exceeded me. While it is possible to grind to get your character leveled up (this is a rudimentary RPG,) it still requires skill to engage in combat. One colour will always defend you, another is your offense, but the third leaves you a sitting duck. But which colour you need shifts based on the colour of your enemy, so you need to be on your toes as you approach combat. Another important factor is speed. Speed is the attribute that determines how fast you can attack - allowing you to kill before you are hurt if you use attack correctly. Tougher enemies can attack more times, but the tactic of this game is exactly to time use your defense colour in rhythm with your attack availability, so that you don't remain open to enemy attacks (this is a 2-D Dark Souls!)

Graphically, I consider this game to be endearing. It is simple, but well the terrain is well placed, and the colour palette fits the halloween theme that really takes me to a Burton-esque place. The enemies are pumpkins, ghosts, and something I can’t quite make out, all fit the Halloween theme.

The plot is very simple too. You are a guy with ‘farm tools’ that has to beat the baddies until you get to the boss… who ‘is the forest.’ It is just enough to give the game context, nothing more.

Overall, I would consider this to be a good game. It is short, but it’s got a lot going for it. I recommend it to anyone who has a few minutes.