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You are a ball, and your mission was to jump away tiles as you search for hidden treasure. It was a simple mind game based off of an old GB classic.

You can choose to either use a mouse or keyboard. The game is fairly straightforward, wile complete I didn't make as many levels as I wanted. But its kinda fun...

Keyboard = movement
Ctrl + key = face direction
Spacebar = jumps

Watch out for traps and make sure you don't trap yourself in by making a path that can't be led back to the starting platform. The game works by you jumping away all the tiles and then landing back on the start pad. Sometimes its linear, while other times you may need to backtrack through a level.

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  • Radnen
  • Sphere
  • 12/26/2010 05:37 AM
  • 07/21/2015 10:51 AM
  • 12/27/2010
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My play log:
Jump by Radnen
+ Positive - Negative ~ Interesting (As stolen from Craze blahblahblah)

+ I like the very energetic start menu/background/everything. Colorful too!
- The dying thing is very clumsy. You move a square after you die, and all there is to say you're dead is a message. You need more sound effets/animations.
- You don't explain the objective or the controls(like how to jump).
- Jumping is really clumsy, too. Jumping in a different direction to the one you were just facing is really annoying to time.
- Quit at level 4. I'm hot honestly completely sure jumping in a direction you're not facing is even possible, which makes this level unwinnable. ;(
It was an older game of mine pokemaniac. I tried to explain the instructions in the game description page here, which I thought people read. Because I know I didn't do it in game.

Holding ctrl and an arrow key makes you face in a direction, or you use the mouse to point in a direction. While the explanation wasn't trivial the controls are. :/

If you press the spacebar you jump (in the direction you face), or if you click the left mouse button (on any tile 2 squares away) you jump. Holding the left mouse button will just make you move in the direction the mouse is pointing.

What's so clumsy about the jumping? There's honestly no other way to make it more straightforward. I have both mouse and keyboard controls, and you jump one tile in the direction you face.

I think you gave up because you didn't know the controls, so I'm going to plea for your doing a second attempt, because I don't see much other than that at fault. Games' too damn simple to be clumsy or excruciatingly terrible. :/
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