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Welcome to Exaria, a world of amazing technology and magic alike.

You have come at an interesting time. Most of the word is split in a bitter power conflict, and many people lie in it's wake. There are those that want their own revolution, while others still hold faith in the ways of the old world. Others follow the dragons and their ways, while many sail the skies in search of destiny's call. Where will your adventure take you?

Playing as multiple characters in the vast world of Exaria, you will answer this question by building a legacy that will live on in the pages of time.

Welcome to Exaria
Welcome to the dream
Welcome to Eternal Dusk...

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So as you've read, I am placing ED on hiatus for a bit as I am currently doing a lot right now between school, work, and ultimately my future, so my work on ED has slowed a bit, and it's gotten a bit harder for me to make significant progress on key portions of the game.

I don't want to rush things and release something sub-par, and I don't want to take too long to the point of frustration, so for now I'm pulling back and evaluating things. Hopefully this hiatus is over as quickly as it began.

I would like to take time to thank all of those who have given insight and encouragement to this project to this point, and I hope that I'm able to give you a fun gaming experience in return.


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can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
what the hell is with that logo
I like the concept of that logo.

Reminds me of those title cards I believe of Dragon Ball Z with the text in front of the Dragon Balls
Resident Nonexistence
The Dragon's what?

EDIT: and why does the description sound like it was cut half way through? Or is it just me expecting more :<
The Dragon's what?

EDIT: and why does the description sound like it was cut half way through? Or is it just me expecting more :<

Im sorry the discription was cut, and I didn't notice! thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix asap!
Looks very good.
Thanks alot ! Stick around for the demo and more info!
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Really nice world maps!
Color me intrigued
looks great! can't wait for it to come out. keep up the good work zaeran
awesome a card came thats bringing bacck memories of the PS years
Thanks! I wanted to create something that has depth, but doesn't distract too much from the rest of the game.
i think that this card could make for a nice little sidequest
and if u do it right u might be able to make part of the main storyline and still have alot of depth in it
sorry on the second part i meant u might be able to make the card game part of the main storyline
It's a possibility, there is definitely sidequest opportunity, but including it as a part of the main story could be a stretch. Many of the points in the story are already fleshed out and it would be a pain to rewrite it as there is no real link between the card game and the A-story. The game itself has a history behind it's conception in the game, but that only has little relevance to the main story. Thanks for the feedback!
oh if the story is done then it would be a real pain to fit that in but it could make for a nice side quest like u said
I'll look into playing the demo once it's out.
I like where you're going with the classes~
Seems great, hope the project is moving along for you.
Thanks bigtime! It is and updates are soon to come!
These updates look great keep up the good work with everything can't wait till it comes out!
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