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Progress Report

Re-Record 7: VXAce Tests

So I tried to test if the scripts I use will work on VXAce. And I made a checklist even:
x = doesn't work, * = works, # = half works

Map Stuff
x- Arc Thunder's Pixel Movement and Collision Script
(this one was pretty obvious I guess hahah)

Aesthetic Stuff
#- Chibi Name

Battle System Related
x-Trebor Ring Menu
x-Damage Pop Up Script
*-Custom Keyboard Script
x-Call Transition
x-Custom Animated Spritesheet thing
x-GUI script

Oh man I have a lot of work ahead of me, mainly either I hunt down scripters or learn RGSS3 or Trading things or commissions, I don't even know -v-

Transferring Engines is Suffering.

Progress Report

Re-Record 6: OH HEY IT'S ALIVE


There is no more "live" exploration. This is because of the lack of tiles. The lack of tiles is mostly I can't draw this style and I don't want to ask for help anymore about that. So the situation is mostly like this:

Cutscene -> Explore -> Cutscene -> Battles


Please be noted that this screen is not final and for display purposes only :D

When explore happens, there are times where you can investigate items or encounter enemies instead. I'll provide new screenshots blah blah, when I'm done with them :)

Here's another change from the previous, whenever someone isn't talking, their portrait turns transparent. And they're a big bigger and more full body-ish now. Please let me know if this change is too cluttered:

Portraits are going to get scrapped :C

That's so far the list of changes I made :)
And this is going to get done because I retconned a lot of things... But the art is more or less same-ish.


Re-Record 5

About Anagram, Ketsumio asked me the state of the game. Well you see, Hneko (my partner for this game) became the President of our college club, La Musique Et Lazar (LMA) and we haven't had the chance to work on the other redesigns of the characters and rewriting the story.

So...I'm sorry for those who were looking forward for Anagram, things had been hectic and I admit that Bunlegends tore off my attention from this game because of Marimo's birthday. I might release the Pilot/Alpha version (aka the old Anagram) but it won't be the final product or the story at all.

Thank you for understanding <:3c


Re-Record 4

I'm not dead yet =v=)/
Something just happened that rendered me immovable for a while, and I don't want to give off the impression that this game died or anything so here's a sneak preview of the new cast:

As for the changes, Ryan is formerly known as Tim while Alois is formerly known as Cess. The story is undergoing a massive overhaul because of my removal of Marian (there's a really good reason, really!). Hopefully I'll get better soon to get back to work =v=)


Re-Record 3

Due to problems that happened--That I don't really want to get into--The game is going under massive reconstruction.

It may not be as pretty as it was before but I still hope to achieve the same visual effect in terms of atmosphere and setting. Sorry everyone!


What will happen:

: Because I need motivation to do so and the only reason why I used cameo characters (with a few originals) was to make it easy for everyone. The one who will be staying are: Daniel, Archer (Anagram), Ellie, Tim and Rayne. They'll definitely be smaller in amount now.

Remake the Assets: I can't draw Marimo or GTD style. I'll be moving on to half pixel art, half drawn art. (You'll see what I mean by this later)

Redoing the Story: An obvious one since Cess is going to get axe'd off. He's better off in Night of Marian anyway. This also means I won't be using the Fate/Stay Night Terms like Servant and Master (That was purely for easier reading anyway) and so on and so forth.

What will happen to the old art?
Extras Section. There will be an option to play the original story of Anagram when it was still a team effort.


Re-Record 2

This might seem like a what the heck blog post but I wanted to know. What is everyone's impression of Anagram and what kind of game does everyone think of it? My friend said that her impression was it's going to be some Guilty Gear/Blaz Blue battle royale, where you select a character and scenarios happens and they fight afterwards in order to proceed to the next level.

Some told me it looked like a .hack// inspired game etc.
I guess I wanted to know what people thought of it at first.

As for the game progress, I've been rewriting Cess's arc based on Hneko's version. It wasn't what I was hoping it to be and I wanted it to be better and much more...engaging to say the least. If there are some writers out there or proofreaders who are interested in reading a 43 page script and provide some opinion, hit me a pm and we can talk what I could change about it and what should be kept. Is the pacing ok? etc.

I'd like to thank King Arthur for spending his time reading it and giving me some feedback though!

Nessy signing off~



Re-Record 1

Original Post here: http://anagramthegame.blogspot.com/2011/04/record-3-new-challenger-appears.html

Hello everyone! Gosh it's been a while since I updated but here's some news. I have been replotting the story a bit with HNeko. What I meant by this is making the story more solid and much more interesting than what it was before. After talking about this with him, we have come to a certain agreement that it is better than it was before :)

We immediately made a "final" concept art for a vital character after I showed her to HNeko. After a few hrs of talking and eating ice cream, here was the result.

So here's a new challenger! Who she is is unknown and what is her role in Anagram, but we hope she'll be an interesting take for everyone!


Off the Record Redux 1: Public Domain And Publicly-Shared Resources

I just wanted to say something about a very specific topic that happened in RMN.

I take donations

There, I said it. That's why I'm offended regarding Long Goodbye's drama. But there is something I wanted to clear up though. Me and YDS have something in common.

1.) I have artists that made custom resources for me, but I didn't pay them since we're a team. YDS paid her artist and with the help of someone. Regardless to say, we have custom resources.

2.) We both use public domain resources. Specifically, scripts and music (although I already found a composer).

Now I wanted to tackle on this. As pony eloquently put it,
pony: i didn't read the thread guys, did wikipedia get used as an example of people accepting donations for content provided by others for free

First of all, whenever an artist release a public domain resources they have terms. Usually and most frequently, it's called Creative Commons License. Newgrounds and Deviantart use the same license. And many other sites too. This usually involves:

1.) You are free to alter the resources if you can.
2.) You are not allowed to sell the "resources by themselves."
3.) You are free to modify this as long as you share the same license.
4.) This varies:

a.) You may use it for commercial purposes as long you ask for permission or Do whatever you want as long as you give credit. (White cat in terms of graphics and Yanfly for scripts for the latter.)

b.) You may use this for commercial purposes if you would give me x bucks or give me a free sample of the game. (CCoa for the money Derrvulfman and Woratana for the free game sample).

c.) You may not use this for commercial purposes. (Modern Algebra on some of his scripts, KGC is completely strict with this.)

and for private scripts (such as TDS)

If I made it for your game, then it's free for whatever you're using it for. If you want to pay then you can though it's not required.

Now let's tackle on Commercial:
>> Sponsored by an advertiser or supported by advertising
>> You are part of mainstream media and have a business license to sell games.
>> You are making profit because of it and pay taxes.

The thing is, we're making FREE games and we're using FREE public domain resources that are distributed for the spirit of sharing. Donations are the same in terms of spirit. By asking for donations, we're not going against their terms and in short, by making public domain resources you're sharing your rights.

As long as we don't break any laws from creative commons license or their terms and agreement for using the resources, we are not liable to share the money we get from donations unless we want to.

If by anything, mine goes directly to breast cancer research foundation, an orphanage for special children or my college fees. I hope this makes everything clear for the others.


Record 13

I had a talk with someone and told me to update RMN and more detailed update on the anagram blog at the same time

After weeks of not updating Anagram and deleting it out of pure spite (don't worry I had a back up from my friend), it's finally updated again. For those who are wondering what's going on, Anagram has been on hiatus for a bit because of Midterms, Plays and Thesis for some of us.

~More detailed update over here: http://anagramthegame.blogspot.com/

Edit: WTF rmn double update?


Record 12: Goodbye

Hearing about RMN shutting down on April 2 has been a huge emotional impact on me. While I have some horrible experiences in RMN before, it has gone better over the years and I respect WIP's work on this site more than anyone. I always thought that RMN was different and really focused on game making and is a huge source of motivation for me as this is something rare and different than most communities that are very closelyl knit or looks at RPGMaker disapprovingly.

But now it's time to say good-bye. I'm leaving earlier than the others. I don't think I can see this site close down and me still being in it and holding onto it. RMN you have been my greatest motivation ever since I hit the craptastic final years of my highschool, the Australia rejecting my only hope to being an artist major, and my horrible times of College right now. I have been working so hard to be one of the productive members of this site, to the point my asthma hit me and a flu hit me making me miss 4 major midterm exams and I really wanted to be as an inspiration to others too.

So good-bye everyone. This has been a wonderful ride and even though it ended abruptly and in the worst time ever, since I'm still flooded with asthma and flu, I really hope for the best for everyone.

I'll be saving my stuff from the locker and here and there for the next couple of days and completely remove everything. Good-bye everyone.
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