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Re-Record 3

Due to problems that happened--That I don't really want to get into--The game is going under massive reconstruction.

It may not be as pretty as it was before but I still hope to achieve the same visual effect in terms of atmosphere and setting. Sorry everyone!


What will happen:

: Because I need motivation to do so and the only reason why I used cameo characters (with a few originals) was to make it easy for everyone. The one who will be staying are: Daniel, Archer (Anagram), Ellie, Tim and Rayne. They'll definitely be smaller in amount now.

Remake the Assets: I can't draw Marimo or GTD style. I'll be moving on to half pixel art, half drawn art. (You'll see what I mean by this later)

Redoing the Story: An obvious one since Cess is going to get axe'd off. He's better off in Night of Marian anyway. This also means I won't be using the Fate/Stay Night Terms like Servant and Master (That was purely for easier reading anyway) and so on and so forth.

What will happen to the old art?
Extras Section. There will be an option to play the original story of Anagram when it was still a team effort.


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Release date - May 2099.
Don't rub it in my face ;A;
I'm sorry things went south for you. So the story's going to be pretty different now right?
Just a wee bit. It's for the new hero :)
Maybe you can use some of the old art for Night of Marian instead?
Anagram is set in the modern world while Night of Marian is like Steampunk+Fantasy Elements. Won't work XD
oh man i dunno what could have happened for you to have to do a massive reconstruction but that sounds so incredibly painful :(. more power to you for carrying on with it though, and all the best, i'm sure it'll be a great game despite some differences.
Sounds like some creative differences with your artist. That sucks. Well, hopefully this doesn't hold you back too much.
Oof, sucks to hear you have to reconstruct the game. Still, I'm curious about the half-pixel, half-art thing and also pretty glad Archer is staying. =v=
Sooooo... Does this mean no more Marian in Anagram?
I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari
*cries* ;__ ;

Glad to see you're not giving up though.
03o Keeping pushing forward!
Okay, I've just lost all interest in this project. I know its sad to hear after what had just happened, but this is why these projects never see through until completion. They always restart mid-way, die out from exhaustion, or fade away. I legitimately thought for Anagram this would never happen.

I'll regain interest only until I see substantial progress, otherwise this goes on my seemingly crowded "it can only exist in a dream" list.
Stay strong Nessiah! Keep it alive!
Please revise things so that a certain character gets her sweet sides squeezed. Repeatedly.
Draw some pr0n and I'm back in.
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