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Playable Characters

~Question Arc~

Name: Cesar
Nickname: "Cess"
Online Handle Name: Ocean
Servant: Caster Marian
Cess can be viewed as someone with an intense amount of bad luck surrounding him. He lost his apartment and job due to an incident. Ellie, his childhood friend, has been kind enough to let him stay over their place and give him a job as a moderator of an online social game network. Until he found himself stuck and unable to get out. To top it all, his "Servant" is the Caster Marian, who treats him like he's the servant and giving him one hell of a time.

Name: Marian
Nickname: Caster / Mari
Master: Ocean
Marian is an aggressive, brutal, homicidal, and albeit insane, pyromaniac. She treats Ocean like he’s the servant, such as demanding their homebase should be the library. Marian also acts like a spoiled child except she blackmails or use death threats to get what she wants.

~Answer Arc~

Name: Daniel
Nickname: Dan
Online Handle Name: Nightmare
Servant: "Archer" / Archer
Daniel is moody, depressed, anti-social and holds grudges that will lead to sweet vengeance. But once someone caught his heart or when he cares too deeply for that person, no matter how mistreated he got, he will always care for that person and do EVERYTHING for that person. Despite his cold exterior, he’s just really shy and doesn’t know how to handle people.

Name: Archer
Master: Nightmare
Archer’s real personality is that she’s very loyal, serious, extremely responsible, honest, rational and logical and even manipulative. When she starts to care for someone, she will act as the most loyal servant you could ever had. Promising sure fire victory when it’s possible, even if she will have to die for it.