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This is a small game I made when I was taking a break from bigger projects.
Its about a small black dude running through a randomly generated factory, avoiding spikes, explosives and other deathtraps. Oh, and you don't jump. You switch gravity. This also includes a Multiplayer Mode for 6 players on one keyboard. There's version 1.2 yet to come, which will include an Online Mode, Bugfixes and some other stuff.


Arrowkeys - Navigate the Menu
Space - Confirm
P - Player 1
Q - Player 2
M - Player 3
X - Player 4
B - Player 5
A - Player 6

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  • 01/07/2011 10:34 PM
  • 09/06/2011 04:56 PM
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This looks like a cool idea, kinda like the gravity levels in Mario Galaxy. I'll give this a try later!
Okay, so I tried it out and I really like how it plays. It's a very basic concept, but the randomly generated dungeons are still challenging and once the speed ramps up things can get pretty silly. Trying to play on the highest speed from the very start is insane. If I were you, I'd set the default speed to 4 rather than 1 because 1 is ridiculously slow and 4 is probably about right for most new players.

The "Challenges" idea is probably more interesting than the normal game-mode, to be honest, so you definitely need to add more of them. The 5 that are in the game now aren't that interesting (except for the last one, that actually requires you to think a little bit), but I guess that is the lowest tier of challenges so I shouldn't expect too much.

Multiplayer has a chance of being interesting, but I still maintain that it is hard to get people playing a game around a keyboard. It would be much easier to get people playing around an xbox or something, so you should definitely look into the xbox arcade compatibility that I heard Game Maker might be getting soon; this would probably do pretty well if people latched onto it. You say you have some sort of online-mode coming as well, which would also help getting more people playing against each other. This game definitely looks like it would be a lot better if you had someone to play against bar your own ghost.

Finally, why are there no songs or sound effects? This game would really benefit from soundtrack kinda like the one Super Crate Box has, although anything fast paced would probably fit well to be honest. The lack of music makes it kinda weird to play this, although I did just end up putting something of my own on in the end...

I'd review this if it were finished but, in its current state, I wouldn't really have enough to say about it to constitute a decent review. Keep working at it!
So.... This is the rm vvvvvv?
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