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Spelunky is a platformer-roguelike hybrid by Derek Yu. Crowded Spelunky is a modified version made by me! I lay no claim to the things present in this game. I am only responsible for its alterations.

This version of Spelunky raises the stakes much higher than normal. Not only are there FOUR TIMES as many enemies and treasures on every floor, but ANYTHING can appear ANYWHERE...and does!

This mod is not recommended for Spelunky newbies (not that the original is). You'll need all your wits and knowledge of the normal version to survive more than a few seconds. Here's the rundown of the re-balance:

You now start with 50 HP, 25 bombs, and 25 ropes (you start with 4 of each in the original). Item pickups for bombs and ropes now yield more of them; you'll find 5 at a time of each. Damsels are also well worth the trouble to save, as their kisses now give an additional 10 HP instead of just 1. Where the original Spelunky is all about conserving resources, Crowded is focused on exploiting them to their fullest effects.

Because there are so many extra treasures available to collect, you can clean out almost every shop you encounter. Item crates are also much more common, so finding equipment that gives you an edge is much easier.

Of course, all this additional help is balanced out by the sheer number of enemies and traps you'll encounter on every floor. Since it takes longer to progress in this mod, the time limit for the ghost's appearance is extended by one minute (it appears after 3:30 instead of 2:30).

Running the Crowded Unlocker opens all the shortcuts, so if you've played Spelunky before, you don't have to do it all again. If you're having trouble in one area, try another. Or even just practice on the title screen! Most enemies in the title room can't hurt you, and the few that can still can't kill you. Use your immunity to learn their behaviors and get a feel for what you're up against.

Take your time, proceed with caution, and you might just make it somewhere.

I doubt it, though.

Latest Blog

Update Outta Nowhere

This is the first I've touched this project since 2011, but I added a new feature that can change the game dramatically!

Basically, you can now control the level of crowding by adjusting a number on the title screen. All enemies and hazards can still appear on any floor of the cave, but now you can choose how frequent they are. Entering a low number reduces the enemy/trap count, but also the treasure count and how much HP/resources you have. Setting it to the minimum is almost the same as a normal game of Spelunky, while setting it to max is truly bold and terrifying. It might actually be impossible to clear at that level...

The game is also a little tougher since it's not so generous with your starting resources. You really have to use your wits and navigate carefully, more like the original.

This is probably the last update this mod will ever get, but I think it's a good addition.
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  • 01/13/2011 02:35 AM
  • 02/26/2020 04:31 AM
  • 01/24/2011
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Man, you really like this game, don't ya?
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
I really do! It's actually a lot like RPG Maker...the game is practically pre-made and you can change whatever the heck you want. I have other mods to upload, too...
This is an amazing game! haha, it's rather addictive
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
The original is similarly addictive. This one's just more vicious!
I just signed up for an account to say that I love this version of Spelunky! It's great! Thank you so much for creating it! I have actually played it so much that I can beat it pretty easily now.

I would love a super crowded version. How easy would it be to modify it so that there are 8 times the monsters instead of just 4 times as many? Would that be really complicated to do? Genuine question, I don't know anything about the program you use to modify the game.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Wow, I must say, this is not a comment I was ever expecting to get! I'm not sure there would be any point in making the game more crowded, though I'm sure it could be done.

One of the changes I hoped to make someday was to have an option to make it more or less crowded. x1 would be base-game level of enemy spawns, but any monster would still appear on any floor. Other multipliers would ramp up the enemy count and scale HP/resources to compensate.

Unfortunately, I'm far too busy with other game design projects to devote any time to that. Sorry! :s
No prob! Thanks for getting back. Maybe I'll try taking a look into how to create the version I want some time when I have a free weekend.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
You're certainly welcome to! The source code can be opened in Game Maker, though I may need to provide it to you. It's been so long, I'm not sure if it's anywhere online currently.
Could you? Sorry for the extra trouble!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Actually, I decided to just sit down and figure it out. I'm most of the way toward something workable, so maybe I can update it tomorrow or something. We'll see.
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