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Update Outta Nowhere

This is the first I've touched this project since 2011, but I added a new feature that can change the game dramatically!

Basically, you can now control the level of crowding by adjusting a number on the title screen. All enemies and hazards can still appear on any floor of the cave, but now you can choose how frequent they are. Entering a low number reduces the enemy/trap count, but also the treasure count and how much HP/resources you have. Setting it to the minimum is almost the same as a normal game of Spelunky, while setting it to max is truly bold and terrifying. It might actually be impossible to clear at that level...

The game is also a little tougher since it's not so generous with your starting resources. You really have to use your wits and navigate carefully, more like the original.

This is probably the last update this mod will ever get, but I think it's a good addition.