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#1 - Reverie Norwayne

"A 22-year-old girl who's attitude reflects a teenagers most of the time, but she's really mentally mature, and although she dislikes showing that side, she tends to try to rub it off on people who she believes are mentally challenged.

She was born from a wealthy family, and raised as such. However, she prefers a more middle-class lifestyle by not taking money that would other wise be entitled to her. She likes to be independent and wishes someday she'll fully be liberated from her parent's wings.

To her dismay, an accident affected her health three years ago, rendering her dependent even more of her parents. During her recovery period she had many nightmares and night terrors, but she understood through all that, that it was just the effects of medicines and the condition she was in, and further understood that her fear was nothing more than a medical condition. This mindset through time, allowed her to think of fear as just a feeling of occurrence of circumstances and not really a factor that would endanger life or conceive it as a sensation of demise.

Nowadays she's healthier and soon hopes to get out on her own, and live by herself. And in her last attempt of goodwill toward her parents to show them she's responsible enough to depart, she goes to take care of a mansion her father has acquired. Little she knows that in that manor, an ancient secret was brought from over seas and will soon show her that the life she's lived is nothing but a reflection of her true self."

#2 - Jade Williams

""Jade is a 23-year-old girl and a long time friend of Reverie. Unlike Reverie, she's middle class and tends to be kinder to people, she's shy, but awkwardly fierce among friends. Despite this, her kindness is genuine and appreciated by her peers and people she knows. She's known to try to make her appearance unique and very different from Reverie's.

She's helpful, reliable and quite trustworthy, however her shyness doesn't allow her to do much outside her friend circle, therefore, although kind, she's just another girl to most people she doesn't know.

After Reverie's accident, Jade was the only friend that stayed with her at the hospital, hence inspiring Reverie to grow fond of her and keep her closer than anybody else. And although she dislikes how Reverie can muse herself with people, she likes to think of herself as her control. ""

#3 - Rosaline Norwayne

"Rosaline is Reverie's mother. A charming woman for her 40s, and an unusual indoor sorter, makes Rosaline a good example of a weird mother to Reverie. Although she's lived in wealth for over 15 years, she's been generous to those who she could be to, including Reverie. It could be this quality which made Reverie dislike the higher-class of a world she grew up in. Although Reverie had what she wanted, Rosaline not always allowed her to keep it for long because it would usually end up in charity. However to this day, Rosaline cannot understand where Reverie got her edgy attitude. She believes that after Reverie's accident, the nightmares and visions Reverie had, made her stronger in the wrong way. After all, Rosaline saw how Reverie used to be more girly."

#4 - Emely Sarpaneva

"Emely was a 19 year-old girl who lived in the manor Reverie went to to take care of, more than a hundred years ago. She was a delicate girl with a rare disease that was consuming her life, and although she lived in depression, she tried to hide it with her convincing smile. Several things kept her happy through life however, such it was a collection of Victorian-style dresses, which she loved and protected.

She wasn't known to have a social life outside her family, mainly because she didn't believe in making anybody else suffer after she passed away, but it was known that she was very attached to her father who was an artist. He told him on the day the disease had taken a stronger course in her body, to make a painting of her every two weeks until she died, and that in return she would sing for him. This way, she said, 'I'll live on forever.'"

#5 - Glacelle

"Glacelle is a mysterious girl that is supposedly only seen in dreams. She's a bouncy, spirited and strange, and wields an umbrella, from which she can spontaneously create many sorts of items. She often directs to people as if it was their lucky day, however, people who have dreamed about her have ended up losing their memory and belongings. Though, in every instance of her appearance, people have described the surroundings as "a fantasy mirror wonderland." '"

#6 - Isaac Duvaldi

"Isaac Duvaldi, or simply Duvaldi as he liked to be called, was the original owner of the Duvaldi manor. He was a recognized illusionist and magician, as well as a wealthy chemist and inventor. He started off as a scientist at a young age, but as he gained knowledge on various ways to trick people thanks to new sciences and technology, he began to do illusions. Soon enough he acquired enough fame to make his own tours across Europe, and in some parts of the middle east.

After having build a solid base of wealth, he stepped away from performing for a time and built the manor to do further research on new illusions. During this time he was fascinated from what he could do with different kinds of mirrors which pushed him to try to find and make every kind he could. For a long time he made many kinds of mirrors and other reflective surfaces, after having found some rare pieces over the world. But he wasn't satisfied he wanted more. However his research was halted when his funds where being taken after his family decided that he had gone insane. He then went back to make illusions, but there was something wrong with them; they were too real... after losing his audience he desperately tried new illusions but he couldn't make new ones at his home. He always blamed his family for the failure that he now lived in and hoped that one day some would befall them.

He died performing one of his illusions which consisted of four mirrors reflecting his supposed beheading. In his last diary page, just days before he died, he noted that the illusion had been a success in the manor."

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