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{ Game Features }

`- { Stamina System }
Player will perform actions in real time and it will be reflected in a stamina bar. These actions will vary from running, pushing heavy objects, battling enemies, and other subtancial actions in the game.

`- { Fear System }
When sudden events or moments in the game happen that scare Reverie, the fear gauge will commence to deplete. As it depletes, the player's screen will become different depending on the amount left. This goes from blurriness to blindness. Once the fear gauge is depleted, the player will go into panic (adrenaline) mode, in which the character cannot attack but will also be granted increased Health and unlimited amount of Stamina for a short time until Panic Mode secedes.

`- { Panic Mode }
Once the fear gauge depletes, the player will enter into Panic Mode. In this state, Reverie's vision is returned to 75% normal, given %15 more health and an unlimited amount of Stamina. However in panic mode the player cannot attack and therefore is forced to either: run from the danger, or use the environment to assist her against the danger. After seconds of inactivity her status will return to normal, but if Panic Mode is continued for a prolonged period of time, damage dealt to Reverie will start to dramatically increase. Be aware that some dangers and puzzles can only be beaten and achieved during Panic Mode. It will be essential for the player to understand when Reverie is scared and what she's scared of.

`- { Peruse Mode }
A large part of the game is advanced through Peruse Mode. Certain objects can be examined and inspected for clues and/or objects. Usually objects that can be examined are note worthy in the map, or required by the game to inspect. Once you enter in Peruse mode, you're taken to another screen in which you see the item enlarged, and are able to inspect it. In many cases these items or objects, are art pieces that need to be inspected, if so, using your mouse you will have to carefully check and click where you think a clue might be. As the game progresses you'll gain some tools in order to help you with more difficult puzzles and inspections.

`- { Puzzle Book }
Puzzles are not scarce within the game, and many prove challenging. Luckily, Reverie carries around a puzzle book in which she writes down puzzles she's visited and information, clues and other hints about it. Certain puzzles even have reqards towards others, if this is the case, Reverie is sure to write it down.

`- { Mirrored }
Diving into cursed mirrors will be one of the most efficient ways to get around in "Mirror". When the player goes through a mirror, the world is reversed, allowing the player to see part of what couldn't be seen before. However, when the player is mirrored, Reveries dives into a potential amount of danger. Dangers within the reversed universe lurk within shadows, objects and even items. Furthermore, while the player is mirrored, the space around you is dark and hostile, making the player weaker and prone to more damage. However, Reverie is not the only one affected; dangers within the mirrored space have specific weaknesses which can be exploited if known, but is up to the player to find those out.

While mirrored, some items change color, position (besides where their mirror coordinates should be), and could even disappear. It is important for the player to understand which items change for the worst and which can be changed to the player's advantage,

`- { Therapy Journal and Clue Indicator }
After Reverie had her accident, and months of therapy, doctors believe she was left a bit unstable. Instead of giving her more therapy sessions, they decided to give her a therapy journal for her to write her thoughts on current events on her life. However, she had never used this tool, because of how idiotic it was. Upon entering what is to be her room in the mansion she finds that her journal has been brought to her by her parents. Although she finds it silly, she at a point decides to use it for a better purpose besides her thoughts; writing down clues. Every clue she finds, as well as what she does through out the game will be written down by her in the journal. This way she can keep track of important things such as: item locations, clue locations, and destinations. However finding those clues will be your job.

Finding clues might be difficult to find, but not to spot. Once Reverie finds something that can be considered a clue, an indicator will appear over her head, usually being a question about the item or object she's reviewing. At times these questions along with the item, may be marked in the Therapy Journal for later reviewing. However, some clues are needed to be stringed together quickly, if this is the case, Reverie will not write it down. Take note, that you may not gather clues in Panic Mode.

`- { Log Scanner }
There are many dangers in Mirror, and it is important to know what to do in and on each specific danger. That's where the Log Scanner comes in. The Log Scanner is a cellphone size device that Reverie had from her parents, it allows her to log information on items, objects, and many dangers. The process happens automatically whenever you encounter an item, object or danger for the first time. Information on the player's surroundings is crucial, the Log Scanner keeps most of it for the player's research. The Log Scanner will not only become useful against dangers, but it may as well hide clues and hints of certain puzzles in the game.

`- { Phone }
Within the world of Mirror, Reverie will need anything personally attached to her to figure out what is going on within the manor. The phone Reverie carries will help her overcome many obstacles and as well create a few. It will provide her with light, outside contact, and even contact with things unknown. However, electrical devices seem to work differently with a mirrored space, and features which help Reverie in the regular realm, may not be as useful in the reverse realm.

More coming...