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Early Beta Demo Gameplay:

  • Methera
  • 01/21/2011 09:07 PM

Some stuff has changed but the core is almost the same.
Okay, so this is about 15-20 minutes into the game (depending on where you go and explore) Basically, Reverie arrived at the manor, met with her mother, and discovered a box with some random stuff in it. After finding out that the box had nothing of her interest, she tries to sleep but her friend sends her a message telling her about Rev's lighter. She lights a candle, and then... well, start the video.

This is before she comes in contact with the game main plot, and explains the existence of the event at the end of the video.

Some parts have been edited out for time consumption, as you can/will tell from the sucky transition effects from camtasia.

There are some parts were I show you a visual representation, instead of just text. I.e the generator; In the current build of the game, I show you a picture of the actual generator when you press enter. A lot of things will be represented this way as well. Which is why is taking me a bit more time to finish this darn thing, it's drawing all the things. Some stuff however, I am grabbing from other places, but I am doing my share of the deal, as well as other people helping me.