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This unique mario game is filled to the brim with puzzles, custom graphics, and excitement! Help Mario save the princess in a world Bowser is confident will finally befuddle Mario. This game was finished on July 27th!

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The Sequel

For those of you who have played it...

-Should I be making a sequel?
-What kinds of puzzles did you enjoy?
-What puzzles didn't you enjoy?
-Was the game too easy, or does it need more difficulty?

Answering these four questions will help me develop better games in the future!
  • Completed
  • Desmo360
  • Super Mario Bros. X
  • Puzzle
  • 01/17/2011 07:24 PM
  • 08/10/2019 07:51 PM
  • 07/28/2011
  • 139029
  • 4
  • 4833


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Wow Desmo I didn't even see this! Looks like your mapping is getting alot better.
GREAT! I look forward to leading this project. From the screen seems very interesting.
The new main image's bright colors draw me to the game more. I like it.

I am in the progress of the demo. The puzzles are very unique. Every level is different.
This reminds me of those Bangai O puzzle levels (then again Super Mario Bros. X itself is a lot like Bangai O minus shmup type gameplay).
The game is almost done. I'm uploading twenty new pics today to show my progress.
An Interesting demo. I played the first 8 levels.
Puzzles seemed interesting.
Where'd the review go? :( Guess Ben will re-write it when the game is actually finished; or maybe he's rage-quitted his reviewing altogether?
Guardian Gorgon of the Description Thread
I suspect a rage-quit from reviewing in general. Then again, he left his review for the original Super RMN Bros. (altered, but still equally "hated" on), so I have no idea.
It is done! I just uploaded the final game download, so get your thumbs ready! In a few weeks, I'll start the sequel; which I've already begun to pace out.
Hi! I am new here. One question. How do you make screenshots?

Edit: I have a project that I'm working on.
didnt want to finish this. There were countless times I had to reset the game because I got stuck or game glitched up. Some levels from super desmo bros get reused here with little or no edits. I liked super desmo bros and the level design here is similar, but with how much I had to reset the game and all, didnt really want to go thru with it.
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