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The available download is extremely unpolished! You have been warned :D

The idea is simple: make a traditional RPG chain game with a few twists. Every member has a few weeks to finish a 'chapter' in the game. They can take the story in any direction they want--from adding characters to making a minigame-only chapter to creating entire story arcs on new planets--as long as the storyline remains intact. The game will primarily be a traditional RPG.

To keep things even more simple, the core object of each chapter is to obtain a special item. Whether these items ultimately mean something, or how they interact with the overall story is yet to be seen...

How will the chips land in RMN's Chain Game?!

This Chain Game's storyline theme is FOOD, though participants do not have to get too carried away with foodisms.


The Galaxy has enjoyed peace since the Great War between McDonalds and Burger King resulted in McDonalds reigning supreme. However, trouble is once again afoot. A disease called the "White Death" has been infecting people on a nomadic research space station. It is up to a pair of master chefs to find the ingredients to the cure! Along the way, they will encounter new faces, new enemies, and shocking secrets as they search the galaxy for the ingredients...

DISK ONE - Chapters 1-5

"Disk One" will comprise the first five chapters and will be the scope of the first demo.

Intro - Dudesoft
As two chefs arrive on a space station, they are quickly set to work. Find the special ingredients necissary to cure a rare case of White Death. While the hero Ryoo races off to start his quest, Master Kokku sticks around to keep an eye on things. What lies in store, is a mystery that only a chef can solve!

Chapter 1 - Deckiller
The planet of Kioka was once the sight of a massive battle between the Burger King and McDonalds empires. The planet is now a wasteland, complete with overgrown ruins, caverns on the verge of collapse, and other hazards. However, out of this destruction has sprouted a fine delicacy: the Mushrooms of Courage. Ryoo and his party must acquire some of these Mushrooms as the first ingredient to a recipe that will hopefully cure the White Death that has been plaguing a deep-space science station! But the mission will not be easy...

Chapter 2 - Deckiller
The Turnips of Vigor were once a critical component to many dishes. Sadly, the Turnips grow on only a handful of planets, and Zeris is by far the closest to our protagonists and the science station. The problem? Zeris is an underdeveloped planet, and interference on such worlds is frowned upon in the realm of galactic politics. To make matters worse, Ryoo befriends a local farm girl, Mira, who finds herself in the dead center of a heated struggle: another group is after the Turnips, and they are making things quite personal for this young woman! Is this group after the same recipe, or are they just looking to make a quick space buck?

Chapter 3 - ldida1
The planet of Mava is in a state of civil war! A resistance faction is struggling against the might of the local KFC empire. A mysterious faction has been providing the resistance with weapons. KFC won't give Ryoo any of their special MSG, so he has no choice but to break into their headquarters...

Chapter 4 - Liberty
Ryoo and his friends hear of the annual Cook-Off on the tourist planet, Aesma, where the grand prize is the rare Golden All-Fruit! They head to join the contestants, only to become entangled in the mechanizations of the elusive Head of the Jester Guild. Can they find a way to win the Cook-Off and aid their newest colleague? Will they have time to enjoy the minigames and distractions that the Oasis of the Galaxy has to offer? Find out in Chapter 4!

Chapter 5 - Deckiller
The gang travels to the gas giant of Xalkyre to track down the Xalkdroid Allspice - a special spice made from the strangely edible byproduct of Zentra Gas mining. There, they meet a strange mining robot named XALK-8311, who helps them break into the Allspice Silos being stored in an abandoned gas mine. However, a shadowy organization is preparing to make a bold move - one that may turn everything upside down.

DISK TWO - Chapters 6-10+

"Disk Two" will hopefully feature five (or more!) chapters from five (or more!) fresh members of the chain game! We will aim for a two week period between chapters, in which time you can do as much as you want. We'll tie up loose ends in prepartion for the second demo. Liberty and I will fill in any gaps in the signups.

Chapter 6 - OPEN!
Chapter 7 - OPEN!
Chapter 8 - OPEN!
Chapter 9 - OPEN!
Chapter 10 - OPEN!

Disk Three - Chapters 11-12
The penultimate and final chapters of the chain game will take place after the ingredients are gathered. The plot at this point will be, well, up to you guys! Who knows what direction it will take! Who knows what the result of the recipe will be, as well as what happens with all the intrigue that was set up in Disk 1!

Chapter 11 - Dudesoft/Liberty/Deckiller/GRS
Chapter 12 - Deckiller

Participants (in alphabetical order)
-Deckiller COMPLETE!
-Dudesoft ...COMPLETE?!
-ldida1 COMPLETE!
-Liberty CURRENT!

Possible Participants

Latest Blog

Back to the Dudesoft--- I mean, Future!

It's been well over a year since I started this thing. Can we call it a train-wreck? No. What IS finished is brilliant. It's a farcry shorter/fewer participants than I envisioned; but that's how the cookie crumbled.
So, since I am currently in self-appointed limbo, I'm going to get this broken down buggy going again.
My plans include: a new intro, which will be basically extending my intro segment from the front to the current start-of-game. Also, a new chapter or two, depending on how productive I can be.
Since Liberty and Deckiller are busy, it seems, I will retroactively be taking temporary control of this vessel, and calling out for new participants to come forward. I'll get the call out after I'm well into finishing my new segment, so that no one is left waiting.

Thank you, and goodnight.


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Well this project hadn't had any developments for years, but now that it's been "officially" canceled, can you please make available the latest build of the game for those of us who really enjoyed what was already uploaded?

Shame it's over, it was a really cool concept and there was a lot of enjoyable stuff in the demo.

Live and learn, right?
I don't have the latest build, sadly. I'm not sure if it even exists anymore. But I think working on another chain game would be a fun idea...

RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Too bad. Chain games are hard to pull off though.
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