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Back to the Dudesoft--- I mean, Future!

It's been well over a year since I started this thing. Can we call it a train-wreck? No. What IS finished is brilliant. It's a farcry shorter/fewer participants than I envisioned; but that's how the cookie crumbled.
So, since I am currently in self-appointed limbo, I'm going to get this broken down buggy going again.
My plans include: a new intro, which will be basically extending my intro segment from the front to the current start-of-game. Also, a new chapter or two, depending on how productive I can be.
Since Liberty and Deckiller are busy, it seems, I will retroactively be taking temporary control of this vessel, and calling out for new participants to come forward. I'll get the call out after I'm well into finishing my new segment, so that no one is left waiting.

Thank you, and goodnight.


Release Something!

Liberty's sadly been AWOL, so I decided to just post what I have on this computer - in other words, the first two chapters or so. Enjoy!

(Just as a heads up, the game basically fizzles once you get out of the Bandit Base in Chapter 2...nothing after that is really linked for this file.)


The latest news.

Dudesoft has handed over the reins to Liberty and myself, and we've already done quite a bit of groundwork for the revival of this project! The finishing touches on Chapter 4 are being (re)done. I've decided to do another chapter - Chapter 5 - to sort of put a cap on what can be considered the first "Disk" of the game. This way, we'll have a nice foundation - as well as a good, proven routine - to offer for those who want to make a chapter!

The first demo that will be released soon will comprise this "disk" - the first 5 chapters. It will feature polished gameplay and an overall solid foundation upon which we can build.

Disk "Two" is really where we want the chain aspect to shine. We were hoping to get approximately five people on board for chapters. As mentioned earlier, we'll begin signups after the demo is released. Feel free to take the story in -any- direction, as long as it's consistent with our foundation and at least makes sense (hehe). You can have chapters on previously established planets, new ones of your own, anything you want. Heck, if you are pressed for time, your chapter could just be a large cutscene or a single dungeon! We will certainly be flexible with the 5-chapter estimate. If Disk Two ends up being 15 chapters with 15 different members, then that's awesome! We can -always- rebalance the first disk later on to accommodate a longer game or new types of fighting strategies.

Progress Report

The Future of the RMN Chain Game! Again!


Right, so this is Liberty and first, let me apologise real quick for the lack of anything updates. As some of you know I've had a pretty ... interesting time lately and as such I was unable to get online. Hell, I lost my computer for a while there and when I got it back all my progress on well, everything, was erased. Thankfully I had an old update stashed on my external drive. Unfortunately a lot of my chapter was lost - mainly eventing. All my mapping was done at the start - minus one or two - which is great because that means I just need to do events on those maps, which can be done whilst other parts of the project are worked on by others!

So, where does that leave the Chain Game?

Discussions are underway. Now, Dudesoft has been away for a while and we've yet to get in contact with ldida, so it's fallen to Deckiller and myself to see what can be done about the current version of the project. We're both confident that the Chain Game can and will be finished eventually. If we absolutely have to, we'll work together to get it done, but we'd rather not do that. It is a Chain Game, after all!

That said, we're thinking of limiting the amount of chapters in the game so that we can actually finish this thing at some point. We've discussed it and figured that as it stands the project could be called about 1/3 done. As such we think an extra four or five chapters should be enough to fill it up.
So we're calling for those who had signed up last time to think hard on whether or not they have the time and motivation to complete a chapter of the game. The original list will get first choice as to whether or not they get a chapter. After that, if we have any left over spots the viewing public may 'place a bid' as it were.

We'll let you know the updated line-up when we get it all figured out!

Last piece of news is the idea of releasing a demo of the first three chapters. This is still up in the air, but it'll probably come down to public opinion whether or not it happens. They need a little spit and polish and DK is working on joining them up properly, which shouldn't take long because he is awesome like that. /flattery
That said, it mainly depends on whether you guys want a demo or not. So... let us know, okay?


For those with small attention spans, here are the major points of this Blog post.

- Apologise for the long wait. {Feel free to express your disappointment in me. ;P}

- Let you all know that we're still working on the game and that it's not been left for dead. {Let us know that you care!}

- Also announce the limit the amount of chapters and ask about continued interest. {Suggest things, ask questions, debate about it or put your name in for a chapter!}

- Announce that a demo of the first half (first three chapters, that is) may be released soon. Don't count on it, but keep it in mind! {Let us know, yea or nay.}

Keep in mind that all of these things might change later on, depending on whether Dudesoft comes back and takes control again, but for now we need to know names and numbers.

Any questions, suggestions or re-signings, let us know in the comments section!



I'd like everyone to know that this Chain Game is a dry-run for a bigger plan. I've got a lot to learn, as far as getting something this big to work, so I will be doing one thing I should have done from the outset: Take charge, and stick to my core plan from the outset.
Some changes will be made to the project so we aren't working on the Never-Ending Story. There's too much on the horizon to get stuck on this forever.

Here are the changes that will be made:
-All character slots in the database will be given MAXIMUM STATS, and all enemies will be given MINIMUM STATS.
(the reason is simple: balancing takes too much time. We will balance at the END of the project.)
-The allotted time will return to 2 weeks. Period. This means three things:
1) No more demos, and trials. And 2) Bug testing should be done prior to end of the two weeks. 3) If you do not complete your Ingredient-getting objective or story scene you wanted to do or map you wanted to finish or anything---STOP. When your 2 weeks are up, pass whatever you have done to the next person and they will do the same.

I am not hating on Deckiller, far from it. He opened my eyes to the short-comings of this project, and more than made up for my failings, but now that the metaphorical ball is rolling again, it's time to realize some of the problems with the project's original goals.
Please embrace these changes, and try to understand it is for the greater good.


Tying everything together.

I'm working on "bridge cutscenes", as well as some final touches to the gameplay and NPCs/intro blurbs. Ironically, I'm at a McDonalds right now.

I'll have this for testing Friday by midnight. If not, I'll pass it off anyway.


The Future of the RMN Chain Game.

The show must go on. This chain game will be completed. I will be uploading the file to testers as soon as I get the free time to finish things off.

Don't let the news of RMN closing take the wind out of your game design sails! We can still network and find mediums with which to enjoy our hobby. This chain game will show everyone that groups inside RMN -have- gotten together to work on projects.

Who is still on board?


Chapter 1 complete! Chapter 2 almost done!

Figured I'd throw it out there that Chapter 1 is complete. It's about 30 minutes long.

Chapter 2 is almost done. I just have to connect some of the cutscenes, finish a couple toward the end of the chapter, and polish everything while checking for neglected NPCs and paths. This chapter is about one hour long.

I think we should extend the time limit per chapter to one month. I've already been working on this for 7 weeks (5 if you count the two-week hiatus I took due to illness and strange work hours).


Blue Magic suggestions.

Anyone have ideas for Blue Magic spells? Let me know and I'll put 'em in the database! Anything from elemental spells to status attacks to battle event gimmicks are fair game!

Chapter 1 will be done soon -- I promise.


Prelude thingie

The small segway to Chapter 1 I shat out included some things that should be covered.

I tried to set up the idea of using a NPC / mass-production event page... basicly a blank page where you post events that reoccur (like a certain switch or title presentation, or item shop, or treasure chest or item shop guy... whatever)

As well as an event for each actor who plays a role at all, for ease-of-access for other creators.
This way if you put the custom text box and a message with his name and everything all set up... there is nothing for the next person to figure out or learn, because the tools are readily available. It's a marginal amount of work... with a great outcome! You can even leave notes in the events to explain if necissary.

One thing I hope will be helpful, which I already just mentioned, is the major actors. You can quickly give the creator an idea of who you think is important to the story, and possibly sprout ideas for the next person. Also, if you want to be a witty stud (like me) I suggest using obscure food names or other languages to pull of a pun or in-joke.
See: Redshirt, the standard issue space station stooge.
or Pruim which is Afrikaan for Plum
or Kukko which is Japanese for chef of non-japanese cuisine
or Ryoorinnin, Japanese for chef of japanese cuisine (correct me if I'm wrong)
(Ryoorinnin was split between the main character and the girl who have to cure, Ryoo and Rinnin) HINTHINT (?)

More notes to come!
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