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The latest news.

Dudesoft has handed over the reins to Liberty and myself, and we've already done quite a bit of groundwork for the revival of this project! The finishing touches on Chapter 4 are being (re)done. I've decided to do another chapter - Chapter 5 - to sort of put a cap on what can be considered the first "Disk" of the game. This way, we'll have a nice foundation - as well as a good, proven routine - to offer for those who want to make a chapter!

The first demo that will be released soon will comprise this "disk" - the first 5 chapters. It will feature polished gameplay and an overall solid foundation upon which we can build.

Disk "Two" is really where we want the chain aspect to shine. We were hoping to get approximately five people on board for chapters. As mentioned earlier, we'll begin signups after the demo is released. Feel free to take the story in -any- direction, as long as it's consistent with our foundation and at least makes sense (hehe). You can have chapters on previously established planets, new ones of your own, anything you want. Heck, if you are pressed for time, your chapter could just be a large cutscene or a single dungeon! We will certainly be flexible with the 5-chapter estimate. If Disk Two ends up being 15 chapters with 15 different members, then that's awesome! We can -always- rebalance the first disk later on to accommodate a longer game or new types of fighting strategies.


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always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Good plan, this has been in hibernation for so long a demo will give people a chance to catch up!
I'm still interested in this but I want to play the demo first before signing up for anything definitive (again).

oh god the css
We'll be working on polishing up the demo in November and should have it ready before Christmas.
I say should because we do both have busy lives and have other projects that occupy our time, but we will put forth an effort to get this all ready!
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