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Back to the Dudesoft--- I mean, Future!

  • Dudesoft
  • 02/25/2012 06:03 AM
It's been well over a year since I started this thing. Can we call it a train-wreck? No. What IS finished is brilliant. It's a farcry shorter/fewer participants than I envisioned; but that's how the cookie crumbled.
So, since I am currently in self-appointed limbo, I'm going to get this broken down buggy going again.
My plans include: a new intro, which will be basically extending my intro segment from the front to the current start-of-game. Also, a new chapter or two, depending on how productive I can be.
Since Liberty and Deckiller are busy, it seems, I will retroactively be taking temporary control of this vessel, and calling out for new participants to come forward. I'll get the call out after I'm well into finishing my new segment, so that no one is left waiting.

Thank you, and goodnight.


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I may just have to participate in this, but I should probably play the game before I contribute anything! Should I wait until after you finish the new intro/segment before downloading?
sure, I'm down, I guess. can you give an overview of what the deal is for people like me who're just steppin into the studio?
I'm a dog pirate
Liberty and I were talking about reviving this. Something will be in the works at some point :)
I definitely want a chapter now that I'm very close to summer - without silly things like school or finals in the way, I think I could do this.
Could you assign me some variables and switches so I can do some brainstorming in the meantime?
Since I didn't get an answer, let me put it another way.

Would there be any objection to me opening the project and picking my own range of variables and switches?
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I'm a dog pirate
If you want to do something, take some high number that people won't use :D
My thoughts exactly ;) and not use the first available numbers. I'll probably only use a few to set up any events, but will mostly be fleshing out a story and sprites. I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and it keeps driving me want to turn those story lines into game quests. That's why I came back to this.
IF you need any edits for tiles, let me know. (That's kinda my forte in this project... and characters, too, if need be.)
Thanks! I'm going to try my hand at making edits and original tiles, but I could always use an objective second opinion. If I can't seem to get something to look right I'll be knocking on your mailbox.

Are there any files not included in the download? Templates or maybe text files?
I'll check to see what I've got floating around. (I've quite a few graphics that are in a transitional stage of being recoloured to fit the style.)

Actually, which version of the game have you got?
I clicked the big download button when I first posted in this blog.

For my games I make text files to keep track of certain things, like picture usage. So I don't use the same picture ID twice.

Also, are there any patches used? Did anybody use Ultimate 2009 editor? Which allows things like up to 2000 pictures. I wonder if I use it, will it affect anything... I don't need to use anything special.
I can see why this isn't finished yet. It's just not a priority, there are far too many other things to spend time on.
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