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Here are some of the major characters in The RMN Chain Game.

One of the hundred Legendary Chefs, Ryoo is training with Master Kokku to become a member of the Iron Chef Council. He's being considered because a certain mysterious incident killed one of the twelve incumbents. Ryoo's laser-sharp focus and stoic nature are in line with the Legendary Chef Creed; however, these traits occasionally alienate him from comrades that are not part of the Legendary Chef Order.

Ryoo understands that being a Legendary Chef requires more than just cooking excellent meals and running the best kitchens in the McDonald's Empire. Indeed, he fully realizes that Legendary Chefs are also keepers of the peace, and that they are often required to use their wisdom to stop civil wars, rebellions, trade disputes, and lawsuits against McDonald's. Kokku is the one teaching him how to apply his fountain of knowledge to these issues.

Entering his third decade as a Legendary Chef and second decade as an Iron Chef Councilman, Kokku has seen it all. He knows when people are deceiving him, and he knows how and when to use emotion as a tool. Ryoo still has to learn this, and Kokku has tried many a time to get his apprentice to realize the importance of emotion. Legendary Chefs are required to be focused and neutral, yes, but they are also human beings. The McDonald's Empire does not use robots because they understand and appreciate the value of human capital: the value of instinct and emotion.

Kokku is a scholar of history; it was his minor at Hamburger University. He realizes that a concept called "Recipes" can be used as a wonderful blueprint for consistent, high-quality meals. However, even McDonald's has thrown the idea of "Recipes" out of the window, favoring a practice called "Eyeballing It" instead. Kokku is frustrated by the fact that the Legendary Chefs are on McDonald's payroll, but he accepts it as a necessity. After all, who else would fund them? There is not another significant power in the galaxy!

Despite these frustrations and internal struggles of cognitive dissonance, Kokku is very loyal to McDonald's and the Legendary Chefs. He may be somewhat liberal, but his heart seems to be in the right place.

Mira is a bold, tomboyish farm girl from the planet of Zeris. She's a tough chick with a no-nonsense policy, but she can be very compassionate as well. She is very close with her father, Miro, because her mother left the family to start a prostitution venture in the capital city when Mira was young. She hates it when people hold back - after all, she has spent her entire life working quite hard on the family farm.

Pruim is a nutritionist aboard a (as-of-now unnamed) independent and nomadic space station dedicated to research and archeology. When a mysterious illness begins affecting people on the space station, he submits a formal plea for assistance with the Legendary Chefs. Ryoo and Kokku answer the call.

A mysterious girl, seriously infected by the White Death virus.

Lt. Vicks
Lieutenant Vicks is the head of ground operations for the space station. His job is to coordinate landing parties and protect excavation and research teams on the ground, especially if the planet is mysterious or hostile. He seems to be a pretty bland guy, but there may be more to him than meets the eye.

Red Shirts
The many talented (and expendable) men who run the day to day operations of the space station. Most of them are able-bodied, and under trained for combat. They sure do try, though!

Always the life of the party, Festiva is Head of the Jester Guild on Aesma. She grew up in the castle, learning to pull pranks and tell jokes from a young age. Though she flirts with anything that moves, she's a firm believer in the sanctity of love and as such amuses herself by matchmaking.

As the King's personal jester she's in charge of making sure that the people and court of Aesma are kept happy. She takes this duty seriously - one of the few things she does - often going above and beyond her job description to do so.

Festiva is not a very strong fighter, she uses both her pranks and tumbling skills to annoy the enemy and protect herself.


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