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[youtube]https://youtu.be/JCmkq3x54-I[/youtube] Durance of Magic is a choice-driven story about the difference between one's intent versus their actual effect. Navigate a changing storyline, build power with your guild, explore a struggling world... Durance of Magic takes the old SNES-style RPG to the next level. Web Browser version now live: [url=durancegaming.byethost7.com]durancegaming.byethost7.com[/url]​​ [b]Episode 1: Road to Ruin[/b] - (Complete!) - Road to Ruin - Bridgeton Bound - Worlds Apart - The Battle of Bridgeton [b]Episode 2: What We Leave Behind[/b] - ( In progress ) - Why'd it Have to Be Elves - The Twin Kingdoms - Stars Will Cross - What We Leave Behind [b]Episode 3: The Durance of Magic[/b] - ( In progress ) - A Coin for the Boatman - Due Process - The Durance of Magic - Dragon Slayer [b]:: Story Synopsis ::[/b] In an age of strife, when the world was young, the races of the world struggle for survival. Monsters roam the lands, stepping over the borders of the wilderness and encroaching onto the war torn soils of civilization. A shaky truce called between the kingdoms of men, Marrick and Dunkargo are two young veterans of the Great War cast aside and sent home to a land left to the mercies of the frontier. With their home found in ruins, the two ex-soldiers turn to the Mercenary Guild for survival. Admitted fast for their skills and experience, their position as swords-for-hire soon send them deep into the chaos of a forgotten legend. A prophecy of doom that will shake the very world as they know it. [b]:: FEATURES ::[/b] - Designed for veteran SNES-era RPGers - Choices matter, permanent effects, multiple endings - Expanded traditional combat - Monsters rarely drop gold, gain wealth through interacting with environment =:=:=:=:=:= Sorry for the big blob of text. For some reason RMN hasn't been showing my page right for several days.

Latest Blog

What to Expect in Episode 2 (Ep.1 Spoilers)

Episode 2: What We Leave Behind - ( In progress )
- Why'd it Have to Be Elves (Completed)
- The Twin Kingdoms (In progress at ~33%)
- Stars Will Cross (In progress at ~10%)
- What We Leave Behind (In progress at ~10%)

The choices of Ep.1 will make the experience of Ep.2
At the end of Episode 1, the player fights the Battle of Bridgeton. This battle plays out differently depending on player actions throughout Episode 1. For example, the first team that fights on the North Bridge is consisted of the characters the player met along the way. If Torben died at any time before the battle, he is not present. If Elara was never found, she is not present. Also, any character (except the Kreegan brothers) that falls in battle without being revived will be permanently deceased in Episode 2.

There is also a scene where Wendy reveals her true colors. Marrick is presented with a choice, one of which will execute Wendy on the spot. If she is executed, she is permanently removed from the storyline. However, if the player kept Vantes alive long enough to add him as a permanent party member, Vantes will intervene no matter the choice to initiate the story thread of Vantes and Wendy.

All of this will be relevant to the player's experience in Episode 2. As will the choices the player made throughout Episode 1. Did they save the little boy that wants to be a swordsman? Did they spare the homeless couple? How many job contracts did they break or fulfill? Was Ethni saved? If so, did they pursue a romantic relationship? Did they follow up on rumors such as the Fox Demon? Did they slaughter the goblins in their den? Did they find the baby slime? As Episodes 2 + 3 are basically expansions, the player can decide to start fresh or load their old Episode 1 save file. When the player comes across something, if it feels like it might matter then it probably does.

Regarding Ep.2
In Episode 2, the player picks up where they left off. Marrick (and Ethni?) are tasked with finding the Elf Kingdom to seek an alliance. New characters will be introduced, further expanding the possible party roster and new Sorrows will emerge (there are 7 all together). Upon completing that chapter, the player will then switch back to the Gheistlocke/Dunkargo thread like they did when Marrick and Dunkargo were separated. Not wanting to give away too much, I will just say that eventually Dunkargo and Marrick may be forced to fight on opposite sides. Episode 2 is slated to end in similar fashion to Episode 1, however it will be obvious to the player that the world undergoes a drastic change and things will never be the same.

Episode 2 reveals more on Marrick and Dunkargo's past and is even heavier on choice, because the various character storylines (or lack thereof, depending) begin to interweave. This is also the point where the HQ system and Party formations become more relevant. Most of the playable characters will be introduced by the end of Episode 2 (though a small number may pop up in Episode 3, again depending on player choice). There will also be various side quests, of sorts, to flesh out the characters that made it to the player roster. (Similar to the various side quests found in the last act of FF6)

Regarding Ep. 3
Episode 3 is all about the fruit of the player's choices. They may be held accountable for them in drastic ways. As an example, this is where the player will reap the rewards of saving and mentoring the boy who wanted to be a swordsman, no longer a boy by the time of Episode 3. Did the player leave Ethni behind? They might see her again here. Who did the player kill or abandon along the way? That may haunt them too. The player may find themselves in a new world full of old grudges. In the end, the player will have to gather the world they've made and utilize it to defeat the evil that started everything.

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I'm liking what I'm seeing. :) I'll definitely be playing this game. Subbed!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I remember seeing this game somewhere, maybe it was charas-project or RRR forum, but I recall someone giving you grief about how "durance" isn't a word or something stupid like that.
i felt sorry for you. :\

anyways, i don't really remember seeing screens back then, and now you got some up! and they all look good, and the game sounds like a very decent fantasy game!
i'll give it a shot when you release a demo or something.
keep up the good work!
Wow, you remember that? Yes, Charas Project was the first place I posted anything about Durance of Magic. This is the second place. I like it here better.

Criticism is always well received as long as I can get something out of it.
Wow your interests are strangely close to mine, I also love your avatar and the fact that you named yourself Atma Weapon. I'll definitely give you some helpful criticism on your game when you release if you want.

(Took down the alpha demo link. Revised Demo with serious tweeks coming soon.)

must be all that rtp in your diet
I like the idea that choices are meaningful on both paths, or intended to be. However, I have to criticize the scenario with Ethni. I think that the reward of gaining a permanent party member will outweigh the reward of "possible rare loot and gold" pretty much every time, unless your roster is SO VAST that you will never notice. It DOES look like you have a lot of playable characters. But unless a LOT of them are optional, you'll always pick 'optional hero' over 'optional treasure' - not only do you not want to miss out on an optional hero with powers that might be special and cool, but treasure usually has a limited lifespan of usability. Ethni can level up and stay useful throughout the game - swords, armor and treasure are eventually outclassed. I'd also like to add that the route of 'missing' her is a twofold bad route. Saving her offers you a further romantic option. Failing to save her only results in seeing her death later. I honestly don't think it is worth the replay value just to see the scenes of her suicide; only the most sadistic player will actually ENJOY these scenes. Otherwise it just seems like you failed in some way when you chose not to save her, which would appear to reduce the option to Succeed/Fail. :(
I once let Mog fall to his death to get the Gold Hairpin...
must be all that rtp in your diet
I once let Mog fall to his death to get the Gold Hairpin...

was it worth it
I didn't even realize Mog was a playable character, since it was my first time through the game. What I assumed in that situation was that I could get the treasure AND save Mog. I didn't realize at the time that it was an either/or situation.

Its been years since that playthrough, but I *think* I ended up loading an old save and saving Mog.

EDIT: on the topic, in KOTOR II there was an either/or choice involving optional chars, but the options were Character A or Character B. So you had to choose which optional character you got. I liked it, and the next time through the game I chose the other character.

Worth considering.
Hah! Kentona the Moogle Slayer.

That's a good idea, too. The Character A or Character B thing. I've got some item A or B deals in here but not one with characters on the line yet. Interesting.
must be all that rtp in your diet
Hah! Kentona the Moogle Slayer.

That's a good idea, too. The Character A or Character B thing. I've got some item A or B deals in here but not one with characters on the line yet. Interesting.

I actually also did this on my very first playthrough because I thought you could save him in a later dungeon, too! And never made that choice a second time...

Oh, I'd also like to note that I thought of- and forgot to mention- the possibility of saving Ethni when you see her later as a slave (BUY HER FREEDOM, BUY HER FREEDOM!) but I didn't want to be too presumptuous and suggest changes to your plotline. It might be worth considering. You CAN still save her, IF you have enough money, BUT she comes with no equipment. It is less of a direct Success/Fail scenario and avoids Now/Later??? disappointments like kentona experienced. AND, you CAN still let her die, without PERMANENTLY missing out on her based on a single choice // not looking behind the right door.
Hmmmmm, Versaalia. I like that idea. Such great feedback.

Psh, and they wanted to shut this place down. Hodgepodge, says I.
And thanks everyone for your help so far!

Bouncing my ideas off of a receptive creative community is really beneficial to the throught process of beginners, such as myself.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Sounds good, like the maps, subscribing!
Stumbled in here via the random screen shot section on the front page. Project sounds promising are you still working on it Atma?
Most definitely still working on it. Had to get out of a slump after a particularly bad computer disaster that set me way back but I've recovered and am hoping to get this completed soon. =)
Why dis gam dead? :(

edit: Hang on. When did you change the engine into MV? Are you still doing things with this?
For folks' reference, the Last Update before I posted this was in 2013. MV wasn't even announced yet :O
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