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Back in Action :D

Things were looking pretty bleak there for a minute but with the new job and a little unexpected help, I've gotten ahold of brand new equipment plus some software and peripherals I had been wanting for awhile. I feel like I can now cross a lot of the gaps that I had to skip along the way.

Development is back on! I'm happy to report that I've gotten some useful feedback during the hiatus. My first step is to hunt down a bug that is preventing some people from saving their game.

I will now be continuing progress on Episodes 2 and 3. Thanks to everyone who has played so far and to those who have subscribed! It has made for some much needed motivation. o/


Slowdown Due to Circumstance

So there's good news and bad news.

Like many people, the virus got my job a few months ago. My government promised to help with Stimulus this and Pandemic Assistance that, but it has been over 80 days without a whisper. Not an e-mail, not a call back, not a dime. Indeed when it rains, it pours; my equipment has been used well. My computer and my phone are falling apart. My laptop's fan is done, the gfx card is shot, and the SSD is mortally wounded. A brave little external cooling vac is the only thing keeping fate at bay. I can not even play test without the screen locking up and the editor causes fractal patterns on my screen, but I can still type and watch videos. Also, the artist that offered to help has become indisposed and is unable to carry on their work. The Durance of Magic project is, effectively, on hiatus.

I have discovered a lot of really cool things this past couple months. I started back to work this week, thankfully, and will replace my obsolete equipment over the next 6 months. I also want to get the money together to commission a total art (and maybe music) overhaul through other indie artists on RMN, Itch, Fiverr, and whatnot. When I started this project so many years ago, I never dreamed there would be such an open marketplace as we have today.

In the meantime, I have been teaching myself JavaScript and will continue my progress on that. It doesn't take much in the way of resources. I will still try to continue progress on Episode 2 and 3, albeit slowly.


Graphics Update Planned

While I like the tilesets, I've never been a fan of the MV style character sprites. Seeing as how it will effect Episodes 2 and 3, I figured I'd go ahead and knock out the graphics update while I can.

A talented artist is helping me with some custom character art while I am hard at work on the pixel side of things. New pictures will pop up as they become available.


Ep 1 Browser Version Live!

Web Browser version now live: durancegaming.byethost7.com​​

The start screen video has been removed from this version for quality of life reasons. You can catch it here on YouTube, though.

(Please be aware: Some lag when files first loaded... Working on preloading without blowing up memory... Mobile play works but currently unable to input directional arrow commands for some combat moves on mobile devices...)

Progress Report

Episode 2 Progress Report

Thanks for all the new downloads and subs! o/

Things are going well in Episode 2 development. Some quality of life improvements will trickle down into Episode 1 updates. Things like more configuration options, WASD movement, dialogue name plates, etc. Improvements to combat animations will also trickle down, as will expansions to the mercenaries and HQ system.

Episode 2 will feature a lot of exploration. When the player gets their own ship (which is tied into the HQ system), they are cut loose to roam the world in search of the Water Orb. The role of Monster Hunting will become clear in Episode 2 as well, with hints of it foreshadowed in items like the Snakefang Sword from Episode 1. If you found the baby slime and fox demon in Episode 1, these will become relevant as well.

Episode 2 will also be more challenging with larger enemy packs and longer dungeons. The player will also have a full party more often with the ability to manage a party formation of 5. Several new characters will be available in Episode 2, including secret characters and characters only attainable through choices made in Episode 1.

Lastly, the mercenary and HQ system will feature heavily in Episode 2. The player must build power and grow their strength because they will need to bring it to bear in at the end of the episode. It will be possible to fail or succeed, changing Episode 3 drastically either way.

Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded and subbed! If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, please message me.


Progress Report

New Trailer!

Whipped up a new and improved trailer. May possibly add into game when player waits at start screen. Not sure yet.

Check it out on the Durance of Magic page or on YouTube:


Progress Report

Bug Fixes & File Size Reduction 4-19-2020

Hey folks o/

Got a quick hotfix here dealing with some bugs. Also was able to cut down the game's file size by about 30 percent.

Downloading updates shouldn't mess up your save games.

Game Design

Big Update 04 16 2020

Hope everyone is staying healthy out there. o/

Many thanks to those who have downloaded the game and given it a try so far. To anyone that hasn't yet, now is the perfect time. I've updated the download link
with a sorely needed update.


- Huge game update. Practically an overhaul.

- Combed through and fixed dialogue
- Spruced up dialogue cutscenes
- Polished and extended mapping
- Retooled early game, added in introductory arc
- Fixed several bugs
- Elaborated story, added world detail
- Added new cutscenes
- Added new maps
- Overhauled combat encounter system
- Reworked combat and gear mechanics
- Redid Monster Hunter areas
- Tweaked overall combat (with more to come)

It really is a big update. Still hard at work on Episode 2 in the meantime.

Any and all feedback always welcome. Enjoy!

Progress Report

Progress Report [Nov 6 '19]

Episode 2 is coming along. Working on it has highlited some errors and weaknesses in Episode 1 that I've been fixing. Some of it being bugs, some of it being detail oriented.

Take Serpatia Trade City, for example. If it's supposed to be a trade city, why are there only Serpatians walking around? The story is also set in a sort of steampunk type world. The towns and villages were not really communicating that visually.

Things like this are getting fixed in Episode 1 as I work on Episode 2. I've been periodically updating the download. Save game files are playable through any updates. A player just needs to download the updated game over the old one.

There is one big change coming to the overall game, though. The whole Trade Goods thing is getting overhauled. How Trade Goods are bought and sold will be changed. This is important for storyline progression as well as gold balancing.

Progress Report

Bug Fixes 10/17/2019

Fixed a few bugs.

Been a little distracted with WoW Classic but still working on Ep. 2
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